Jake Mitchell Shop Bio

Jake Mitchell, aka Young $$$


Weight - 175 lbs, plus or minus a few cheeseburgers

Riding Style - Freestyle with the occasional wakestyle attempt

In shop - All the time

Dream Quiver -

Kites - 2015 North Dice 13m

Boards - 2015 North Jaime 139cm, 2015 Airush Cypher 5'8"

Harness - 2014 Dakine Pyro/2014 Ion Apex Select

Wetsuit - If I got a raise the Ion Select, but currently an old, weathered NPX Mission

Favorite spot to ride - I've got to choose the Muskegon flats, aka the “Pro Pool”, aka the "Shallow Gallows", or Ferrysburg, that pretty little spot behind the Grand Haven pier.

Favorite Shop Quotes - “Coffee run”, "Whose name is on that double-check?"

Hopes for future - Besides world peace? Probably a mobe. 

"An Intimidate Look"

  1. Boots or straps? Straps
  2. Coffee or energy drink? Family owns a coffee shop, so... Coffee
  3. Trophy or bragging rights? Trophy
  4. Big board or big kite? Big kite
  5. Sleep or shred? Shred in the morning, nap in the warehouse
  6. Big air or big trick? Big trick
  7. Towel trick or car change? Quick change behind the car door
  8. Flannel or stripes? Stars and stripes
  9. Zep or Beatles? Beatles
  10. Hug or Hi five? High Five!
  11. Off road or pavement? Depends on whose car I’m in
  12. Van or Truck? Wagon, out of respect for my Subaru
  13. Cable or Boat? Kite