Hydrofoil Packages

Hydrofoil Packages

These packages have been hand-picked by our staff to provide an easy choice and value. They contain some of our favorite combinations and most popular purchases by past customers.

As always, no one package fits everyone. Please contact us at 800.622.4655, online chat, or email for a personal recommendation that will fit your unique situation.

Deciding Factors for Foilboarding

Hydrofoils are being ridden for more than simply racing and are now accessible for most riders. For goodness sake, Kai Lenny is riding them without a tow on waves.

What was once a simple choice has now become a convoluted but potentially beneficial choice. Like eating at a cruise ship buffet, the right choice can leave you smiling and satisfied while the wrong one leads to a feeling of sickness and regret. With over 50 foil & board combinations in our catalog this year, there are more options than ever before, but which one is right for you?

Well, we have been in the foil game for a long time now and have tested and analyzed each choice to make it easy for you. Here is an in-depth look at the designs and benefits of the current kiteboard hydrofoil market. Read more....

  • AXIS Kite S-Series Foil Package AXIS Kite S-Series Foil Package

    AXIS Kite S-Series Foil Package


      AXIS Kite S-Series Foil Package The AXIS S-Series Customizable Foil is a freeride foil system like no other. While the S-Series is the surf foil platform, AXIS has selected the S-Series foil with the Ultra Short fuselage and the 400 rear wing as...