HQ Kites

HQ Kites

HQ powerkites takes tethered aviation to another level, somewhere between heaven and earth, providing the power kite traction you want to get rocking on land, water or snow.  HQ kites has been building and perfecting power foil kites for over 20 years.

In the last 6 years HQ kites has been pushing the snowkiting envelope with their incredible passion for power kiting.  Snowkiting can be done on any frozen lake, large field or mountain.  HQ kites innovative ideas, great High Quality materials and amazing design team have pushed the envelope for all types of power kiting, but especially snowkiting.  Check out the perfect all around Apex snowkite or the ultimate high performance Montana to keep your fix.

Looking for the complete land, water and snow kite all in one?  Look no further than the HQ Matrixx.  Get every kite you need wrapped up in one sweet kiteboarding package.


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