Good2Grow Trade-In Program



MACkite Good2Grow Youth Trade-In Program

Now's the chance to let your children try new equipment while you can save some cash in the process. MACkite's Good2Grow program allows children to progress with the right fitting gear, with some added perks mixed in as well. Give your children the gift of skiing or snowboarding this holiday season!


The program

  1. Purchase new equipment from MACkite
  2. Use it for the season
  3. Return the equipment the following season for credit toward new or used equipment
  4. We'll match your current Trade-in Program!


2015/16 Trade-in window & credit breakdown:

  • 9/14 - 9/30/2015, 70% of original purchase price
  • 10/01/15 - 3/30/2016, 55% of original purchase price
  • 3/30 - 10/01/2016, 40% of original purchase price
  • Any trade-in beyond 10/01/2016 is not eligible for credit


Why join our trade-in program?

  • No more waiting in rental lines
  • FREE gear fitting and consultation
  • Proper fit will aid your child's progression
  • FREE services - Includes 2 FREE waxes with purchase


The (not so) fine print:

  • This program is for children's equipment only. We will accept trade-in equipment for one final season once your child has reached the size for adult equipment.
  • We will only accept equipment that is in reasonable and working condition. If the equipment is in repairable condition at the time of trade-in, we will accept it back after repairs are made.
  • Trade-ins are not eligible for cash or credit card refunds - only store credit
  • Equipment must be free of stickers and other modifications
  • We will not reimburse the cost of peripherals (stomp pads, etc.) left on the skis/boards when returned.


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