Freeride Kites

Freeride Kites


cabrinha-kiteboarding-kites-2.jpgFreeriding in the kiteboarding world involves keeping things simple. 

Most freeriders have an intermediate skill set, which involves tacking back and forth, riding toeside, and doing some basic jumps. If you find yourself enjoying cruising downwind through different terrain or exploring backwater bays, freeriding might just be your style.

Freeriding encompasses the largest population in kiteboarding, as beginners find themselves in this category as soon as they can ride upwind. Consequentially, kites that cater to freeriders are the most popular. Freeride kites have attributes 

that allow them to perform in most arenas (wakestyle, surf, etc.), although not focusing directly in one area. These kites have excellent depower, large ranges, great stability, and user-friendly setups.

Although these kites will work in the waves and performing unhooked tricks, they are not specifically designed to excel in those areas. However, if you're looking for a kite that will be capable of getting you started in any riding style, check out a freeride kite!

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