3 Hour Foilboard Lesson

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Kiteboarding Foilboard Lesson 

Lesson schedule has been filled for 2020. Give us a call or e-mail to get on our call back list and we will contact you when lessons become available on a first call basis. 

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Are you like the rest of the kiteboarding world, enamored by the new foil boarding revolution?  Do you want to ride upwind in winds as light as 5 knots?  Like the thought of flying over the water? 

Our one-day foil class will immerse you in the world of foiling with 3 hours of land and water-based instruction. In this one-on-one class with an instructor, you'll perform a few land-based exercises then head to the water with foil in hand and helmet head sets for instant on-the-fly instruction as well as peace of mind.

Viva la Foil Revolution!

Please Note: This foil lesson is ideal for those who know how to board start. If you do not know how to board start but still wish to take the lesson, please understand that we will spend time teaching you how to board start before learning how to foil.

Tips and Tricks on Learning How-To Foilboard 

Perhaps you’ve been craving to look like you can float over the water. Maybe you’ve been working towards racking up another kiteboarding skill set. Or, maybe, just maybe, you want to show off to the hotties on the beach who are tanning away. No matter what you’re looking for in regards to learning how to foilboard, MACkite has you covered. We’ll help you get started with the principles and procedures of foilboarding with Liquid Force’s video tutorials, then we’ll help you out by letting you learn a few things from some of our favorite foilboarders. Finally, we’ll set you up with foilboarding lessons to get you out on the water. A word of warning - there may be some advanced kiteboarding jargon littered throughout the videos, articles, and lessons. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 622-4655 or hit us up on our live chat.

Want to learn more? Check out Liquid Force’s Foilboarding Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of foilboarding w/ the LF Foil Fish

Join our lovely narrator Gary Siskar and LF Team Rider Sensi Graves on a journey through this instructional video on the beginnings of foilboarding with the LF Foil Fish. Liquid Force's tutorial focuses on teaching you how to carry your foilboard, how to prep your launch, how to launch, how to stay on your foil, and how to prepare for crashes.

Liquid Force introduces advanced foilboarding techniques w/ the Foil Fish

Rejoin Liquid Force's Siskar, Sensi Graves, and other LF team riders on a journey to advance your riding technique. Liquid Force's video will give you some tips on proper body positioning, on how to use the stop and drop technique to change your direction, and on how to do the toe-side turn.

Liquid Force’s final video on how-to foilboard w/ the Foil Fish

Check out Liquid Force's final installment of their how-to foilboard introductory videos using the LF Foil Fish. This time, they're busy showing you heel-side turns, tacks, jibes, jumps, front rolls, back rolls, and more than you could possibly imagine could come from one video.

Some wise words from our favorite foilboarders…

Brad Doren, MACkite Foilboarding Extraordinaire

Why did you begin foilboarding?

“The reason why I started to foil is much like anything else...It was the new buzz! It was something new and different, so I thought, “Why not give it a try?”.”

Were you intimidated when you first started?

“I would say the time I felt a little intimidated was the first time trying to get down to the water with the board. It’s definitely more of a challenge than your standard twin tip. I tried to make sure that I didn't get frustrated with it simply because it something new and it takes time to learn.”

Did you have any difficulties with learning?

“Learning out to foil is not a walk in the park.... but if you take your time, it makes it a lot easier. I was the shop guinea pig, so of course I went in blind and took a beating. I made the mistake of trying to ride up on the foil right off the start before really knowing how the board reacts in the water. The wipeouts were pretty comical for the bystanders on the beach.”

What has been your best foilboarding experience, so far?

“I picked up foiling towards the end of the summer last year and haven't had a bunch of time on the board. If I had to pick the best experience was that first night on the foil once I had gotten the hang of things and made my first full tack up on the foil. It was only blowing 8-10 so once I made it up on the foil the only thing you could hear was the foil slicing through the water. On top of the silence you felt like you were floating up out of the water.”

Do you have any helpful hints or tips for those who are looking to learn foilboarding?

“I think the most helpful tip when learning to foil is to keep you weight more forward than you think and take you time riding with the board on the water before trying to pop up on the foil. You still get the feeling of how it will react with out feeling of being out of control. As you feel more and more comfortable, then slowly start to learn back and rise up out of the water. It doesn't take much shifting to get the board to pop up. While learning it is not necessarily easier to learn in super light winds - start out on a day where it is a steady 12-14.”


Brandon Scheid, Liquid Force Team Rider

How long have you been foilboarding?

“I started foiling last January, so I have been flying for just over a year now.”

Why did you begin foilboarding?

“It all started with a broken hand and a short video by Horue. I was planning a Maui trip to help with some kite testing, and at the time with my broken hand I was unsure if I was going to be able to ride the way I wanted to. So after some late nights on hydrofoil forums and one impulse purchase I was ready to start. What really got my interest was the idea of flying. I really wanted to see if it was all what it was cracked up to be. Additionally, the idea of being able to have fun riding in 10 knots was extremely appealing.

Were you intimidated when you first started?

“I would say I was baffled more than I was intimidated. I had assembled the foil inside and after putting it all together it all looked so shiny and expensive. I was a bit confused about how it was all going to happen and how it was all going to work. Once I hit the water and started playing with it, I got a lot more comfortable and ready to ride.”

Did you have any difficulties with learning?

“I was a bit ambitious in the beginning, I started with a high aspect wing mounted to a strapless wakeskate. I was convinced that this was going to be my travel setup so I wanted to get it dialed. Having no straps and no nose rocker was a big hurdle to overcome in the beginning. I spent most of my sessions body dragging back to the board and it made the learning curve steep. However with the newer low aspect setups and a board with straps I watched all my friends learn with ease.”

What has been your best foilboarding experience, so far?

“I had a magic session on the south side of Maui on my first trip with the foil. The sun was setting, the water was absolutely glassy, and there were whales breaching everywhere. I was astounded at how much fun I was having in such light wind conditions and I was addicted to the sensation of flying. I think after that session I was sold.”

Do you have any helpful hints or tips for those who are looking to learn foilboarding?

“Take your time getting on the foil, one session spent learning to ride the board on the surface of the water goes a long way. Next is to have some perseverance, it takes a bit to get used to having a meter long fin beneath you in the water. You can also take a look at the Liquid Force videos to get you started.”


You’ve learned everything you can from LF’s videos, now it’s time to test it out on the water with one of MACkite’s Foilboard Camps!

In addition to MACkite’s kiteboarding lessons, we are opening up a new segment of Foilboard Camps. This 3 hours session for only $299 will cover everything from putting the foil together to getting your first rides with one-on-one instructor assistance. Learning to foil can be quite difficult, like learning to kiteboard again; however, without experienced instructors and a light breeze you will be on your way to a healthy “foil face”.

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