Family Wing Starter Package

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  • Family Wing Starter Package
  • Family Wing Starter Package
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Family Wing Starter Package


  • Slingshot Crossbreed 11' Airtech Package w/ sUPWINDer
  • Naish S26 Inflatable Wing
  • Wrist Leash
  • Pump

Our Family Wing Starter Package is designed to get your family out on the water and started on the newest, most fun thing to do on the water - wing boarding! Built around the Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP, you're guaranteed the best bang-for-your-buck summer fun package, the board being able to be used for SUP, wing boarding, and small wave surf. Paired with the Freewing, you're going to be out zipping and ripping in no time.

Slingshot Crossbreed 11' Airtech Package w/ sUPWINDer

Slingshot Crossbreed 11' Airtech PackageIncludes: 3 Piece Adjustable Airtech Paddle, sUPWINDer, 11'0" Crossbreed Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board, 9" FCS2 Quick Release Toolless Fin, Dual Action Speed Pump with Pressure Gauge, Heavy Duty Backpack, Bow and Stern Storage Deck Bungees, D-Ring on Tail of the board for Leash, D-Ring on Bow of the board for Mooring, Repair Kit

The Crossbreed 11' Inflatable has been a family favorite SUP for years, and now water-people of all generations are looking to cross over from paddling to winging. The addition of the sUPWINDer keel fin allows the whole crew to try their hand at the new sport of wing-surfing, learning the basics of wing control and staying upwind. The removable sUPWINDer keel fin combined with the normal tail fin allows you to stay upwind while using a Slingwing to proper yourself across the water. The keel fin can be removed for higher efficiency paddling, or left in place for paddlers who desire better straight-line tracking.

Step into the new and exciting sport of wing-surfing gathering the basics of upwind and downwind sailing on a soft, stable platform before taking the next step to a dedicated foil board. The Convenient backpack holds everything you need for an easy escape into the wild. Lightweight, durable, portable, super safe and it feels like a hardboard when fully inflated.

Anyone looking for a sturdy and straightforward all-around board that will hold up for years to come, this is it. Wide waist, tapered tail and gently-rockered nose, the Crossbreed is highly versatile shape ideal for all aspects of paddling, from touring and casual open water to mild rivers and small surf.


With the sUPWINDer removable keel fin pre-installed it is the perfect learn to wing-surf tool

Versatile shape; great for kids, dogs, families, beginners, experts, parties

Portable and easy to store - fits in a backpack

Hardboard performance in an inflatable package - inflates to a firm 15-18psi

Lightweight, super durable Drop Stitch construction



Allows you to stay upwind. Installs in seconds. Removable for standard paddling.


One center keel box for winging or straight line SUP tracking and one rear box that holds a 9” FCSII quick release fin for regular stand up paddling.


Transport your fun in one easy way.

 Crossbreed Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board


Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Wing

The Naish Wing Surfer took the world by storm with its introduction in 2019, launching the sport of Wingsurfing into what is now the fastest-growing water sport in the world. The S25 Wing Surfer took the basic concept to the next level by adding more sizes, better visibility, and improved performance. This season’s all-new Wing Surfer MK3 is packed with design features that will carry this rapidly evolving sport well into the future.

We started with the basic outline, refining the leading edge curve of each size wing to maximize drive, balance, and stability in its given wind range. Panel count has been reduced for lighter weight, yet not overly simplified, ensuring that optimum foil shape is retained. Leading edge diameters have been increased in the center of the wing to provide a substantially more rigid airframe, without appearing cartoonishly large as seen on some other wings. In this case, “bigger is better” has limits, and a balance between diameter sizes versus drag, speed potential, weight of leading edge material and internal bladder, etc. must all be taken into consideration. The MK3 leading edges taper to the wing tips for a perfect balance of power delivery, stability, twist, and speed. The center strut diameter has also been increased for stiffness and better control in higher winds and jumping. Draft depth has increased substantially and is further forward, providing more “locked-in” power and increased stability. Everyone, including heavier riders, will especially appreciate the immediate “sheet in and go” feel of the MK3, which provides improved low end and upwind performance, as well as strong wind stability and control. Some riders may find that they will now be able to use a wing that's one size smaller in the same wind conditions than they would have previously.

Handle count has been reduced, with repositioned handles in the right locations for maximum performance and comfort. New removable and adjustable Y-handles between the leading edge and strut provide added tune-ability to the wing. A neoprene pad under the front handle adds extra comfort when handling your wing, or luffing while riding swells or waves.

The windows on the Wing Surfer MK3 have been redesigned and repositioned to maximize functionality and safety while reducing their overall size. The new windows are narrower in width and placed further forward toward the leading edge of the wing and closer to the center strut — all but eliminating blind spots. The result is perfect visibility, reduced weight, and a smaller package when storing or transporting your wing. A new coil leash design with a smaller, lighter, and easier to secure wrist attachment is standard as is a new and improved carry bag.

Finally, new internal reinforcements and advancements have been made in seam construction, especially in high load areas such as strut to leading edge connection and strut to canopy stress points — all contributing to a stronger and longer-lasting wing. Weight reduction was a factor in the design of the Wing Surfer MK3, but there must be a balance between weight saving, functionality, and durability. The Wing-Surfer MK3 meets this challenge without compromise by perfectly providing a dynamic, responsive, powerful, and long-lasting wing that will suit first-timers equally as well as it will suit the aspiring professional…Session after session.


  • Larger/stiffer diameter leading edge and strut
  • Repositioned handles
  • Removable and adjustable Y-Handles
  • Neoprene "Knuckle Guard" under center grab handle
  • Fine tuned leading edge dihedral for balance and power
  • Deeper locked in draft
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