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Electric Bikes

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Electric bikes are turning the tide for transportation. An electric bike is basically a bicycle that also has a motor, battery, and acceleration modes attached. At Electric Bike Place (powered by MACkite), we are stoked about these electric bikes because they are fast, fun, and help reduce our reliance on automobiles.

Electric bikes are beginning to sweep the globe because they allow many different types of riders to be active and have fun! E-Bikes are perfect for commuters because you can still get your exercise in before work without having to break a sweat. If you bike on hilly terrains, then the electric bike is going to help you push that extra mile.

Many electric bikes travel between 18 and 30 miles per hour and have a range of 25 to 60 miles. So, you’re able to take long treks across scenic locations or make a quick trip to the store.

There is no set type of rider for e-bikes. They are made for many people, from the hard core mountain biker to the small shop delivery driver to the beach cruiser. If you have back, knee, or ankle injuries, you will be able to ride easily knowing that you are not adding to the pain. There are a variety of styles, including foldable bikes, so you can place them in your car, RV, or boat and have a fun, alternative form of transportation.

When purchasing an electric bike, you will want to consider some key components, including the type of motor, style of bike, acceleration mode (pedal assist vs. throttle), and the battery type. You will also want to consider top speed, range, and charging time as well as any local laws pertaining to electric bikes.

  • SKS X-Tra-Dry Fender SKS X-Tra-Dry Fender

    SKS X-Tra-Dry Fender


    SKS X-Tra-Dry Black Fender Don't let the wind and rain stop you from having a good time on your bike.   With the SKS X-Tra-Dry Fender you pedal safely through standing water knowing you'll stay high and dry.  Suitable for all road, racing and...