DIY Hydrofoil Board Kit

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DIY Hydrofoil Board Kit

Have you ever wanted to make your own board, try a new design, or save some cash on a foilboard purchase?  The MACkiteboarding DIY Hydrofoil Board Kit is what you need.  A fun project for handy people that will allow you to create your own board start to finish. 

Shaping a foilboard is a ton of fun and does not require a ton of skill.  Shaping a really good surfboard is a lifelong pursuit, but foil boards really just need to get your started, then act as a platform to stand on. So, minor shaping errors will not matter as much.


We have put together the right materials to make an excellent foiling craft for kiteboarding, surfing, or wakefoiling.  The blanks we use are crafted specifically for surfboards so they have optimum strength to weight ratio, minimal water absorption, and optimum resin adherence. We include Resin Research Epoxy and high quality S2 fiberglass for maximum rigidity and durability. The unidirectional carbon deck/base stringers and Innegra cloth box reinforcement ensure a stiff, long lasting performance for your Hydrofoil. 

You choose one of our three foil mounting methods, Track, Deep Tuttle, or EZ FoilMount Track.  The EZ mount will allow new shaper/glassers the easiest solution to attach their EZ stick on leash mount and Foilmount track since they will not need to route out and install the boxes and leash inside the blank.  HOWEVER... the EZ method does NOT include a vented plug like the other two do.  If you leave this board inside a hot car or laying in hot sun, you risk de-lamination from increased pressure under the glass.  We recommend using a reflective bag for your board at the beach.

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