Dakine Hook Knife with Pocket

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Dakine Hook Knife with Pocket

You're sitting at your desk, tapping away at your latest monotonous assignment when your phone buzzes. Wind alert. It's coming out of the south at 18 to 20 knots. Just perfect. But there's no way you're going to get off early today. You sigh and put your phone back, a little further away this time so it's not too easy to check it. You just align your fingers on the keyboard, QWERTY style, when the phone buzzes again. Resolute not to look at it, you start typing, unfocused. Your phone vibrates again, then a second time, then a third, all in quick succession. Now you've just got to check. Pulling it over, you've been included in a group message. All of your best buddies are going kiting. You toss your phone aggressively across your desk, ready to curse, when your boss suddently walks up. You've been doing so well lately he is giving you the afternoon off. This never happens. You thank him profusely, but not too much, and try to slowly pack up your things to maintain composure. You start walking down the hall, but by the time you reach the main door find yourself in a sprint. You throw open the door, toss your tie recklessly over your shoulder, and rush towards your car. It's the perfect temperature; not too hot, not too cold. Just right. You jump in your car and take off towards the beach. Miraculously every light you hit is green, there's no traffic in sight, and your favorite tune on the radio just started to play. Getting to the beach, you pull into the front spot and unload your car. Putting up your kite, everything goes so smoothly, and before you know it you're on the water cruising - just as your friends show up. You drag your hand lazily behind you; the water is the perfect temperature, and the sun feels great. You're jamming upwind, and in no time are riding right up against the pier, just ready to send a big boost when - BAM. You suddenly run into a fishing line, then two, then three. Where did they come from? You struggle, entangling yourself more and more. You have no choice - you release your kite, kick off your board, and let them pull you in. As they yank you up, swearing and kicking your neoprened body, you watch your kite roll across the dune grass and into a tree, shredded. Your board is nowhere to be seen. 

If only you had had a hook knife to free yourself...

What Dakine has to say about the Dakine Hook Knife with Pocket

Some features of the Dakine Hook Knife are the two opposing stainless steel cutting blades, the Anodized aluminum handle, and a sheath for easy harness attachment.

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2 Reviews

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    Hook blade

    Posted by Douglas s. on 22nd Apr 2018


  • 5

    Posted by JOSE M. on 14th Sep 2017

    Really usefull!

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