Cabrinha Kiteboards

Cabrinha Kiteboards

cabrinha-kiteboarding-boards.jpgCabrinha was founded in 2000 by water Renaissance man Pete Cabrinha. With international titles in surfing and windsurfing, the transition to kiteboarding was a rather natural one. Pete Cabrinha entered the industry by designing his own kiteboards, which he eventually scaled and brought together under the newly created Cabrinha brand. Cabrinha Kitesurfing, a subsidiary under the Neil Pryde group, has helped create economies of scale and matching distribution models. As it is found now, Cabrinha Kitesurfing is the leading kiteboarding brand globally, distributing to 30 countries worldwide.

Cabrinha XCaliber

The XCaliber is Cabrinha’s deluxe freeride/freestyle kiteboard available in both a carbon and wood model.

Cabrinha Tronic

The Cabrinha Tronic is intended to thrive in choppy water and surf,, an appropriate fit for the kitesurfer who dabbles in a little of everything.

Cabrinha Spectrum

The Spectrum is Cabrinha’s most accessible freeride kiteboard, and will especially appeal to newer kiteboarders with its slight bottom concave, large surface area for early planning, and moderate flex for a softer riding experience.

Cabrinha Stylus

The all new Stylus is an all-around, high performance freeride board, designed to pull speed and power out of lightwind days.

Cabrinha CBL

Perfect for cable park and wakestyle riding, the CBL focuses on a stiff flex and generous rocker to perform well in chop and on water features.

Cabrinha Ace

Boosting performance freeride and some of the biggest air, the Cabrinha Ace delivers a stiff flex patter for maximum pop and response.

With such a daunting array of kiteboards to choose from, selecting the right kiteboard for yourself can certainly be a difficult decision. Be sure to explore each kiteboard specifically for more information and reviews. And don’t hesitate to ask questions, call at 800-622-4655 or chat with us online – we love sharing our kiteboarding experiences.

  • 2019 Cabrinha X:Breed Kite Foilboard - Deck 2019 Cabrinha X:Breed Kite Foilboard - Bottom

    2020 Cabrinha X:Breed Kite Surfboard


    2020 Cabrinha X:Breed Kite Surfboard Includes: (3) RTM Hybrid Bamboo/Soric Fins, Rear Deck Pad (front pad sold separately) What Cabrinha has to say about the X:Breed A rider who wants a board that crosses seamlessly between surf and freestyle...