Armstrong TC50 Carbon Titanium Fuselage 50cm

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Armstrong TC50 Carbon Titanium Fuselage 50cm

The TC50 allows extreme maneuverability and is best for advanced riders. The shorter length offers wave riders tighter carving turns and quicker response for shredding waves.  Inexperienced riders traveling at slower speeds may find this fuselage to be too responsive.

The Armstrong HEX Fuselage is a ground breaking work of art in terms of engineering and design.

The fuselage has a solid Titanium core running throughout its length. The core is then shrouded in 5mm solid wall Carbon tube.The multi wing HEX fitting for the mast and front wing gives 360 degree surface contact, maximizing the load distributing area.

This unique fuselage construction easily handles the highly leveraged opposing flex loads as the mast and wings are directly keyed into the Titanium core, taking your ride to the next level.
Weight: 410g

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