Amundson Customs Iwa Bird 5'8" Surf Foilboard

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  • Amundson Iwa Bird 5'8" Foil Surfboard Grey
  • Amundson Iwa Bird 5'8" Foil Surfboard Grey Specs
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Amundson Customs Iwa Bird 5'8" Surf Foilboard

Grey color

The Iwa bird is a great board for a variety of conditions.  Slight tail rocker allows for early foil takeoff and reduces board stick.  The extra nose rocker aids in late drops and helps it fit into tight pockets that flatter boards will not.  Still plenty of volume to catch small waves for decent paddlers.

What Amundson customs has to say about the Iwa Bird Surf Foilboard

The Iwa Bird Foil is designed with plenty of volume and a lower rocker line to paddle extremely well. This design has more curve through the outline which helps on late take off’s and maneuvers that require the board to be on the waves surface. The slight “kick” in the nose rocker helps when transitioning back to the water. The concave deck gives the rider complete control with every input being translated directly into the board and foil.

Amundson Custom foil boards are built with EPS cores, high density reinforcements, carbon/Inegra shaft reinforcements and epoxy laminations.

  • Super lightweight and durable construction
  • Extra nose rocker to fit into late takeoffs and powerful waves
  • Concave deck for great feel and lighting fast response.
  • Fully reinforced board built specifically to handle the foils's forces and torque
  • Movable mounting track mount lets you fine-tune your mast position
  • Included tail traction pad

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