All In Foil Paddleboard package

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  • JP Australia / Gofoil Foil Paddleboard package
  • JP Australia Foil Pro SUP


All In Foil Paddleboard package

Package comes complete with:

  • JP Australia Foil WS SUP - Choice of 7'x28" or 6'8"x26" In WE or Pro construction
  • Gofoil Double Downwind 29.5" Foil with Iwa and Maliko 200 wings
  • Gofoil Carbon Tuttle adapter plate
  • Dakine 10' Coil leash
  • Slingshot Half Hook 2.0 footstraps

2019 JP Australia Foil SUP / Windsurf Board

For 2019 Werner has developed the dedicated Foil shapes with great input from Keahi. The boards are short for reduced swing weight during pumping and maneuvers. The extremely beveled rails help reduce the wetted surface at take-off and prevent the board from catching the water in the turns. The cut-out tail section on the bottom surface has the same purpose. The flat deck ensures stability. The pad features an increased arch line along the center so that you can feel the center of the board without even looking down. The pad tail kick is positioned perfectly for optimized foiling stance. The boards come with 2 foot-straps and foot-strap plugs.

The 2 track boxes for the plate mounted foils have a generous length of 33cm so you can also use the board for light wind windsurf foiling at the back position.


GoFoil Iwa 170/Maliko 200 Foil Combo - 29.5" mast

GoFoil has released a "double downwind" combination that features the Iwa 170 front wing and the Maliko 200 front wing. The Iwa 170 is a versatile front wing set and the Maliko 200 is a downwind master. Together, you get a winning combination and are able to hit a majority of conditions.

What GoFoil has to say about the Iwa/Maliko Combo

The Double Downwind I set comes with the Iwa front wing, Maliko 200 front wing, Maliko back wing, interchangeable mast and fuselage.

Included Wings

go-foil-maliko-200-front-wing-set.jpgMALIKO 200

The larger surface area of the Maliko 200 makes it the primary choice of those riders looking to take downwinders to the next level. The stability of this design also makes it a great choice for the beginner that eventually wants to get in to downwinders. Front wing length: 36"

IWA 170go-foil-iwa-170-front-wing.jpg

This all-around wing design provides a larger rider the broadest range of uses. It is the meat and potatoes in the quiver of riders that want to foil in the surf and still have the lift needed to glide on downwind bumps, for the very advanced downwind paddler. Front wing length: 31"




  •  Under 140 lbs140-180 lbs180-210 lbs
    Surfboard – small waves Nalu/Kai Kai/Iwa Iwa/Maliko 200
    Surfboard – large waves Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
    SUP – small waves Kai/Iwa Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200
    SUP – large waves Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
    Downwind on surfboard Iwa Iwa/Maliko 200 Maliko 200
    Downwind on SUP Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200 Maliko 200/Maliko 280
    Kiteboarding Nalu Nalu/Kai Nalu/Kai/Iwa
    Wakeboarding Nalu/Kai/Iwa Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Iwa/Maliko 200
    Windsurfing Nalu/Kai Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200


     Under 140 lbs140-180 lbs180-210 lbs
    Surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    SUP 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Wakeboarding 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Downwind on surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Downwind on SUP 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
    Kiteboarding 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
    Windsurfing 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″


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