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2022 Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf V4 Package

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2022 Slingshot WF-1 Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf Package



  • WF-1 Board and Mounting Hardware
  • Mast, Pedestal, 610mm Shift Fuselage, Front Wing, 42cm Rear Wing, Hardware, and Rear Wing Shim
  • Case

2022 Slingshot WF-1 Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf PackageChoosing Your Foil Size

Riders 150 pounds and below will love the FWake package.

Riders looking for maximum pump or between 150-200 pounds will benefit from the FSurf foil.

Riders 200+ are recommended to go with the FSUP for maximum lift and stability.

Package Overview

The Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf Foil Package has been re-invented to meet the evolving ambitions of the newfound advanced surf foiler. With an all-new lightweight board design and XR Construction, plus inserts for footstraps, the FSurf foil package is better than ever. A shorter, more compact board design combines with a longer 71cm mast to help surfers pump farther than ever before. Equipped with Slingshot's ever popular Infinity 76 front wing, this combo rises off the water early and is capable of surfing 5-6 waves back behind any proper wakesurfing boat. Don't have a wakesurfing boat? Surf the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd waves of most any boat with this setup thanks to the plus sized wing and the overall efficiency of Slingshot's foil designs... The Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf Package is the setup for those who are truly LOYAL TO THE FOIL... From the leaders of Hydrofoiling.


If you're #loyaltothefoil then this is your setup! This is the ultimate foil package for surfing ALL TYPES of waves and stepping up your pump game... from pumping to carving, transferring wave to wave or even strapping in for a few airs. If your focus is wake surf foiling, pumping and exploring the area behind the boat without a rope, look no further!


- EVA Deck Pad

- Fast rocker line for wakesurfing without the foil

- Foil Mount Track for customizing lift intensity

- Classic Twin Fin

- Fits in the board rack


 Slingshot WF-1 Foilboard

Slingshot WF-1 Foilboard

The WF-1 is Slingshot's top-of-the-line wake-foil board for advanced and expert foilers. Built using their premium XR carbon-reinforced surf construction, the WF-1 is the lightest wake-foil board Slingshot has ever produced.

The board has also been streamlined down to a 4'2" length by 20-inch width, eliminating unnecessary material and swing weight, which maximizes the overall efficiency and performance of your foil setup. With carbon reinforcements throughout the tail and foil track, the stiffness of the WF-1 V3 makes for an immediate transfer of energy between the board and the foil, eliminating wasted energy and maximizing your foiling progression.


  • Length: 4'2"
  • Width: 21"
  • Thickness: 1.4"

Why You'll Love The WF-1 Board

You'll love the WF-1 from the moment you pick it up and realize just how light this foil board truly is. Its featherlight XR Construction and small size will have you hovering farther, pumping longer and banking tighter turns than ever before.

Adjustable Foil Track MountTechnical Features:

Adjustable Foil Track Mount

This allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference.

Inline Footstrap InsertsInline Footstrap Inserts

Simple inline inserts allow for the addition of half straps or full footstraps based on rider preference.

Corduroy EVACorduroy EVA

Super-soft EVA features a corduroy texture that provides tons of grip (and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye).

Premium XR Lightweight ConstructionPremium XR Lightweight Construction

With premium features such as bamboo in the belly and carbon stringers, Slingshot's XR Construction produces a more lively, lightweight, high-performance foil board.

Slingshot Gamma 68cm Carbon WingSlingshot Gamma 68cm Carbon Wing

You'll like this wing if:

You want a stable, user-friendly foil you can ride at slow speeds, surf the smallest wake and waves or kite in super light wind. The Gamma 68cm is the wing of choice for our FWake package due to its flat profile that makes it super stable from side-to-side and give it tons of lift for surfing wakes as small as a jetski ripple.

For Windsurf Foil: Easy entry level wing, low stall speeds that make it great for jibing even if you bobble a bit, great upwind ability and overall stability.

The Gamma 68 is a great all around wing in all conditions. It feels lively under foot, like it wants to hook into a big carve, yet stable enough to get steezy while straightening a big wall! It has a very flowy back foot pump that keeps speed up while pumping between waves. It is suited to riders who want an all round foil with a good pump but can still get critical with big power carves and turns, in and above the lip!


Great for learning, Smaller jumps, and surfing waves 1-3. Also pumps well


This wing is super stable and works awesome for prone surfing. It lifts early and works great on small waves, but with too much speed it becomes difficult to keep in the water.


The old trusty 68, this wing does it all in light to medium winds. Easy entry level wing, low stall speeds that make it great for jibing even if you bobble a bit, great upwind ability and overall stability.


The Gamma 68 Is going to be a great intermediate foil wing. It has a low take off speed yet a good amount of lift for larger and heavier riders. It's a tight wing, meaning that it doesn't care to carve; it likes to be locked in.

Slingshot Gamma 68cm Carbon Wing Tech Specs

Slingshot Gamma 68cm Carbon Wing Tech Specs

Slingshot Infinity 76cm Carbon WingSlingshot Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing

The Infinity 76cm wing almost guarantees success foiling in tiny to medium size waves or in light wind. It is so great that we inc lude with our FWind and FSurf package. It has a large surface area and unique inverted gull wing shape which makes it the perfect balance between low-end lift and pump-ability and faster top-end speed and performance.


The perfect all around wing. Early lift, low stall speed, and a 26mph top end. Learn to fly, learn to jibe and float through lulls without compromising top end speed.


The Infinity 76 is a surf inspired wing designed for fun carving and high lift. Great for larger riders or riders looking for a cross over wing for surfing, kiting, and riding behind the boat.


If you're prone surfing and want to turn freely and pump from one wave to the next.

Slingshot Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing Tech Specs

Slingshot Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing Tech Specs

Slingshot Infinity 84cm Carbon WingSlingshot Infinity 84cm Carbon Wing

When you want maximum lift and stability with your hydrofoiling experience. This large wing is included with our FSUP package. You'll appreciate the extra surface area when you're gliding across the water on barely a ripple and pumping in circles to catch wave after wave.


The light wind machine. Insanely early lift and super low stall speed get you flying in the tiniest of gusts, and float you through the longest lulls. The width of this wing make it super stable; it's like having training wheels for learning to jibe or foiling through your first 360.


The Infinity 84 is a surf inspired wing with maximum lift. This wing is going to be a great wing for very heavy riders or riders looking to use their hover glide for various sports including surfing, SUP, and even just running off the dock.


Perfect wing if you're a SUP surfer or just looking to pump across the ocean. This wing can pump for days even on flat water and holds large amounts of weight like SUP boards / heavier riders.


If you are a larger wake foiler (200 lbs +) looking for easy take off at lower speeds behind the boat.

Slingshot Infinity 84cm Carbon Wing Tech Specs

Slingshot Infinity 84cm Carbon Wing Tech Specs

 Hover Glide Foil

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    Infinity 84

    Posted by Chase on 22nd Jun 2022

    This is my second foil… and i love this thing. Im 215+ pounds and dont have a wale boat, this foil has so much lift i can still surf 2nd wave back with zero ballast. Comes with full setup in a great case with tools and even anti seize. Would 100% recommend for heavier riders and people without wake boats that want to surf. Still a blast riding with rope too.

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