2022 Duotone Trust Control Bar

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  • 2022 Duotone Trust Control Bar (S/M)
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2022 Duotone Trust Control Bar

**Chicken loop not included - select your loop to complete the bar**

Sizes: 19 / 22 / 24 / 27m Lines

The excellent Duotone Trust Bar is equipped with superior functionality that makes it one of the best 4 line bars on the market, equipped with the new FLITE99 lines by Robline it sets the highest standard.

The chicken loops come in four different options. When you purchase your bar, you can choose the chicken loop that best suits your riding style.

The industry leading Iron Heart IV safety system makes a welcome return; it is equipped with the addition of the Suicide Ring III. This ring allows you to set up a suicide system while keeping the ring and the leash up and out of the way of the chicken loop. This increases your ability to quickly hook in and out after freestyle tricks. You can additionally purchase a Duotone 5th Element upgrade kit and turn the Trust Bar into a 5 line set-up.

Floaters and Winding Post received a design update for an even more intuitive use. Safe, intuitive and easy to use, that’s the Duotone Trust Bar!

Bar Features

Duotone Winding Posts Technology


The Winding Posts are made of a fully molded fiberglass reinforced Polyamide construction, which offers an incredibly lightweight solution with increased stiffness. In addition to this, there is a molded EVA cushioning to ensure maximum comfort for the rider. The Winding Posts feature an integrated backline adjustment, which allows the rider to trim the rear lines when needed. ATTENTION: Never ride without the cover. It prevents the knot of the leader line from slipping out of its housing.





Duotone Flite99 Lines


Kite lines connect and communicate the power in your kite, into your hands. Putting our lives in our lines, they are crucial for safe, long lasting and enjoyable sessions. FLITE99 is offering the highest Dyneema Quality, SK 99. Backlines are turquoise / Frontlines are grey, to always know which is which. They come with 12% higher breaking load and 15% less elongation than in previous years. The FLITE99 lines have a 6,5 % less wind exposed area, due to a decreased diameter, are faster! Additionally FLITE99 comes with a new, even more durable coating. Last, but not least, FLITE99 uses Monofil, a unique material that prevents bending, kinking of the line, prevents the line from wearing out and worst case ripping apart!





Duotone Bar Grip Technology


A small diameter of the bar allows a very thick EVA bar grip. This offers ideal control and comfort.





Duotone Iron Heart IV


The Duotone Iron Heart is the benchmark for all safety systems and we are continuously aiming to further improve this essential piece of safety equipment.





Duotone Roto Head Technology


The Roto Head permits you to untangle the lines after a rotational jump or a kiteloop while you are riding. It is made from an extremely durable plastic construction where no corrosion is possible. The Roto Head comes with two grub screws making it easy and fast to change the depower line. Simply use an FCS fin key to remove the screws and change the depower line.





Duotone Center Hole Bar Technology


The exchangeable insert for the center hole is made of plastic to minimize wear on the depower line. The material we use is resistant to abrasion, and will cause much less damage, if sand is present, to the line itself.





Duotone Cleat & Sliding Stopper


The Vario Cleat and Sliding Stopper enable a quick and easy adjustment of the depower stroke. Especially interesting for smaller riders who have problems reaching the bar in the regular setting. The height of the Vario Cleat and Sliding Stopper can be easily adjusted to suit personal preferences. The reduced size combined with the smaller Vario Cleat accounts for 12 % more depower area. The 5th line channel reduces the risk of the 5th line getting tangled considerably.





Duotone Flip-Flop Function


The molded EVA floater is fully integrated into the winding posts to offer a seamless connection, which gives better protection to the lines and the rider. The integration of the EVA floater also avoids line tangling and gives better overall stiffness between the bar and lines. To achieve better and more direct feedback on the thumb, we added a push pin on the outside of the winding post for easy operation. The Flip-Flop function allows you to switch between a 53 cm and 46 cm bar width (M / L bar) and 49 cm and 42 cm bar width (S / M bar) with just one click. This makes the procedure of changing the bar set up far simpler.


Duotone Trust Bar Width Guide

Duotone's Line Length Advisor

The length of Duotone flying lines can make a huge difference to the way a kite flies. Different styles of riding, different kite models or the kite size are influencing factors that require different line length. In order to achieve maximum comfort and to receive the best performance of a kite, it is essential to match the kite and the rider’s style of riding to the correct line length!

What's the difference between a narrow and wide control bar?

As well as offering different line lengths, our bars are supplied in different widths.

In comparison to a short bar, the same steering stimulus on a wide bar has a larger impact on the kite. To achieve the same impact on the kite, a short bar, e.g. the Click Bar, would have to be turned another 10°.

Large kites need stronger steering stimuli than small kites, which is why a wide bar is advantageous here. With small kites, it is easier to guide the kite in a controlled manner with a short bar because the kite responds very sensitively to the steering movements.

As a general rule, the short bar should be used for kites up to 10 m2. For larger kites you should use a wider bar.

19M (S/M) - 70% HANDLING / 30% POWER

  • Fast and reactive turning
  • For extreme Freestyle, Wakestyle and waves
  • Tight, super fast and hard kite loops
  • Narrower bar width

22M (S/M) - 60% HANDLING / 40% POWER

  • Reactive turning
  • Fast kite loops
  • Favorite set up of our Freestyle riders
  • Best choice for waveriding
  • Narrower bar width

24M (M/L) - 50% HANDLING / 50% POWER

  • The most versatile length
  • Great for all round freeriding
  • Good low-end and a good turning speed
  • High jumps as you can ›load‹ the lines
  • The recommended size for a one bar quiver!

27M (M/L) - 40% HANDLING / 60% POWER

  • Enormous low-end
  • Huge jumps
  • Lots of lift

Duotone Trust Bar Line Length Guide

Duotone 5th Element Upgrade Kit

5th Element Upgrade Kit

In 2022 the Duotone Trust Bar can be upgraded within 3 minutes to a 5-Line Bar. The upgrade kit features a real centre line safety.


  • Easy relaunch, especially on big kites and low winds
  • Instant and accessible depower

What are the pros and cons of a 5th line upgrade?

The 5th line runs between the two power lines and is attached to the centre of the kite leading edge. Apart from the Vegas, the 5th line is an optional accessory on all our kites. A distinction is made between “unloaded” and “loaded” 5th lines.

The additional 5th line adds an extra level of safety as the kite completely stops pulling the rider once the quick release is triggered. The 5th line also makes it easier to relaunch large kites when there is little wind. However, it is possible for inexperienced riders to pull too strongly on the 5th line when relaunching the kite, which causes the kite to invert.






Choosing A Loop Kit

Duotone Wakestyle Loop

Wakestyle Kit

The Duotone Wakestyle Kit comes with the largest chicken loop and a long safety leash. It has been specially developed for kiteboarders who mainly perform unhooked tricks. During unhooked tricks, you unhook the chicken loop from your harness and hold the bar in your hands in the same way as for wakeboarding – in other words, you are detached from the harness and sense the forces exerted by the bar directly in your hands. The large chicken loop lets you hook the bar back in again quickly after a trick without needing to look. The long safety leash allows tricks such as handle passes, in which the bar is passed behind your back, and its primary purpose is safety. In the event of the bar ever slipping out of your hands during an unhooked trick, you are still connected to your kite via the safety leash.





Duotone Freestyle Loop

Freestyle Kit

For many years, the chicken loop on the Duotone Freestyle Kit was our standard chicken loop. It is suitable both for unhooked tricks and also for freeriders who want to perform unhooked jumps. To allow you to perform unhooked tricks, the Duotone Freestyle Kit also comes with a long safety leash.







Duotone Freeride Loop

Freeride Kit

The Duotone Freeride Kit is supplied with the smallest chicken loop and a short safety leash. It is designed for surfers who only want to perform hooked-in jumps and have no intention of performing unhooked tricks. Due to its small diameter, the Duotone Freeride Kit offers a greater depower option for the rider, which improves both safety and comfort. The short safety leash also rules out the possibility of the leash becoming entangled, e.g. between your legs.








Duotone Rope Harness

Rope Harness Kit

This kit has been specially developed for use in conjunction with a rope harness. Instead of the standard metal hook, a rope harness has a section of rope into which the chicken loop is hooked. This setup is primarily used for wave kites as these need to execute frequent changes of direction and turns. The rope harness prevents the harness from slipping around. The chicken loop on the Duotone Rope Harness Kit is reinforced with a metal plate to minimize any abrasion on the rope and it comes without the intrusive chicken dig.

Duotone Trust Bar Action Pic

Duotone Trust Bar Action Pic

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