2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite - Coral/Red/Blue
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  • 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite - Grey/Coral/Red
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2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite


Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15m

The all-new Rebel SLS for 2022 gets the Stronger Lighter Superior treatment to create the best big air and high performance freeride kite Duotone has ever made.

2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding KiteFeatures

Big, vertical power spike
Big, vertical power spike for stunning jumping abilities and endless hangtime.

Fast and absolute depower
The depower can be used super fast and is very absolute.

Agile movement and instantaneous power
Agile movement through the wind window, so a better and more instantaneous power.

Penta TX frame construction
The Penta TX frame construction ensures a very stiff and very responsive kite construction.

Up to 15% lighter construction, due to material mix and Penta TX
Penta TX and a carefully resourced material mix are the reason for an up to 15% weight reduction compared to original models.

Flex Struts for more dynamic handling and steering
The unique Flex Struts ensure a very dynamic handling and a very direct steering.

2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding KiteDetails

The new Rebel SLS is here to redefine the expectations of big air and high performance freeride kiteboarders across the globe. The heritage of the Rebel is second to none, but this year the new Penta TX frame combined with Trinity TX is going to change the way you think about freeriding and boosting. The new materials combined with an updated design and the Flex Struts make the kite incredibly dynamic; the low weight supercharges the kite's handling and allows it to develop even more power.

In light winds, the difference is remarkable, and the larger sizes will offer unrivalled jumping and hangtime, when the wind is at the lower end of the scale. As the wind increases, the jumps get bigger, and the take-off becomes even more impressive. The acceleration into the air after you release the edge will have you pulling more G's than Yuri Gagarin, and the hangtime will leave you breathless.

There are several tuning options on the kite, allowing you to dial in the bar pressure and turning speed to suit your riding style. You can also choose to ride the Rebel SLS in the four or five-line configuration; the fifth line is available as an accessory.

The new materials, lighter weight and incredibly dynamic handling, combine to create one of the most exhilarating rides on the market. As soon as you start flying the Rebel SLS, you will instantly feel the power and performance at your fingertips. All you have to do is load up the edge of the board and get ready to send it to the moon!

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite specs


Penta TX frame construction Rebel SLSPenta TX frame construction Rebel SLS

The Penta TX frame construction is the reason for a 5-times higher tear resistance, 50% less elongation compared to standard Dacron constructions and a 15% lighter overall construction compared to the Original Rebel models, resulting in a great low end in combination with an incredible top end due to the solid frame construction.

Trinity TXTrinity TX

Teijin is the world's leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials to marine sports. The combined creative power of Duotone saw the formulation of TRINITY TX. Exclusive to Duotone, TRINITY TX is a 3x2 canopy material, which has proven to be far superior to other canopy materials in terms of durability and dynamic performance.

The 3x2 yarn combination has proven to be the best solution in performance as well as durability, overall superior to any 2x2 or 4x4 yarn solutions. TRINITY TX. Made to stand the test of time.

Modern Trailing Edge DesignModern Trailing Edge Design

A narrower trailing edge with a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and to create a slicker kite profile.

Load Distribution PanelsLoad Distribution Panels

As kite geometry improves, the canopy must continue to resist increasing forces. To spread these forces, Load-Distribution-Panels are used, holding the kite's shape even under the most extreme loads. In practice this gives a smoother and more consistent performance from the kite in any riding situation.

Kook Proof ConnectorsKook Proof Connectors

The kook proof line connection points prevent accidents by guaranteeing that you cannot accidentally connect your lines incorrectly when rigging your kite.

Double-V PigtailsDouble-V Pigtails

These pigtails distribute the load of the line connections to the kite, minimizing the risk of fatigue, making the kite less prone to distortion and helps it to steer more smoothly.

Fusion StrutFusion Strut

This construction allows for a controlled distribution of forces between strut and leading edge. Struts are 100% connected to the leading edge with a flexible Dyneema line, which promotes higher canopy tension and a clean profile.

Flex Strut Rebel SLSFlex Strut Rebel SLS

The counterpart to a stiff frame are the Flex Struts, between middle and tip struts. They ensure a direct and very reactive feel of SLS kites. The agility of a three-strut kite combined with the stiffness and the solid frame of a 5 strut kite. A softer material enables the Flex Struts to bend and twist in a defined way. Steering impulses are transformed smoothly and fast into turning actions.

Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing SeamHeavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam

The leading edges of all kites are extremely durable due to a special heavy duty closing seam. The Dacron material at the leading edge is reinforced with a self sticky Insignia Tape and double stitched additionally. The Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam is resistant to very high tensions and diagonal forces.

Self Rescue HandlesSelf Rescue Handles

The self-rescue handles on the inside of the wingtips can be easily found in case of an offshore break down. They provide a good, comfortable grip while sailing back to the shore during a self-rescue maneuver.

Anti SnagAnti Snag

The Anti Snag webbing is preventing the lines from tangling around the tip of the kite. Waterstarts are made easier and safety is increased.

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite quotes

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

 2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kiteboarding Kite

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    Keeps getting better

    Posted by Sergei on 31st Dec 2021

    Love my new Rebel SLS

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