2022 Duotone Juice Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2022 Duotone Juice Kiteboarding Kite - Light Grey
  • 2022 Duotone Juice Kiteboarding Kite - Vanilla
$1,929.95 - $2,219.95


2022 Duotone Juice Kiteboarding Kite


Since its release just a few years back, the Juice has positioned itself as one of the top light wind kites. A 3-strut design much like the Cabrinha Contra and Ocean Rodeo Flite, the Juice seeks to remain fast-turning while still delivering the low-end gruntiness demanded for light wind days. The 2022 model has seen tweaks aimed at maximizing its all-around performance. The Juice is a kite that should have you pushing below 8 knots while still allowing you to pull off all your favorite big air tricks. So what defines the Juice?

  • Medium bar pressure that lets you know where the kite always is in the sky.
  • Good for both lightwind foil and twin tip riding. The 13 and 15 meter will be better sized for foil, and the 15 and 18 for twintip.
  • Flex struts that allow for strut deformation for faster reaction and turning when leveraged against.
  • Easy light wind relaunch due to a swept delta design.
  • A huge power range, great for that extra bit of pull when the wind dips below 10 knots while having enough throw to keep you safe when it gusts to 20.

How does Duotone do it? The hallmarks of the Juice:

  • 3 sizes: 13, 15, and 17 meter
  • 3 struts
  • Flex strut technology (we talked about this one above)
  • Optimized light weight construction
  • Four lines w/ optional 5-line nose-line and attachment (both sold separately)

So is the Juice right for you?

If you’re looking for an all-around throw-down machine, the Juice is an excellent choice. It won’t have as much low end as some other lightwind kites (check out the Juice D-Lab or Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula). If you’re strictly foiling in light winds a single strut kite will likely be better. But if your largest kite is a 12 or 14 meter and you want to add more light wind sessions while still carving aggressively, throwing big jumps and flips, and just having an all-around great time, we seriously recommend checking out the Juice. The only question left is which color to pick: white or yellow. 

The most popular light wind kite on the market, with years of design and research behind it, the 2022 Juice will enable you to have more water time than ever!




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