2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard

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  • 2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • 2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • 2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • 2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • 2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • Deck Texture
  • Concave Deck
  • Track Mounts
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2020 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard

What Slingshot has to say about the 2020 Hypermiler:

A lightweight carbon board built for speed, distance, boosting and aggressive edging. This is a race-caliber board for foilers who ride a full-length mast with a light carbon foil and like long, fast lines, open water, big distances and fully-engaged angles.

Size: 4'8"

Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard specs

Why You'll Love The Hypermiler

  • An advanced board for high-performance foilers
  • Lightweight carbon construction
  • Textured deck increases grip, reduces weight
  • Race-caliber design great for distance and advanced freeriding
  • Aggressively beveled rails allow for extreme carving and angles

Package includes:
Board, pedestal mounting hardware

Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard Tech

Technical Features:

  1. Footstrap Inserts Ride with or without straps, the choice is yours.
  2. Concave deck Concave provides increased turning sensitivity and response and allows for more dynamic heel-toe performance. Also helps with proper foot placement placement once you get a feel for the contour of the deck and where the sweet spot is.
  3. Adjustable Track Foil Mount Allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference.
  4. Textured Grip, No Deckpad To save weight, the deck of the Hypermiler has a textured coating rather than a standard deckpad. The same stuff used on windsurf boards, it's not soft and cushy but it has the grip you need without the weight.
  5. Beveled Rails Aids in earlier release from the water. Makes a big difference when you're leaning into a carve or edging hard up wind. Beveled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.
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