2020 North Flex Footstraps

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  • 2020 North Flex Footstraps
  • 2020 North Flex Footstraps
  • 2020 North Flex Footstraps
  • 2020 North Flex Footstraps
  • 2020 North Flex Footstraps
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2020 North Flex Footstraps

2020 North Flex Footstraps

Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our Flex bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are fully adjustable, conforming to your whole foot with no stitching or bunching. Triple-density rubberized EVA footbeds provide lightweight cushioning and maintain grip underfoot when wet. Super quick three-point connection setup ensures a customized fit, and split inner Velcro straps ensure maximum comfort for all foot shapes, sizes and rider styles.


  • Flex adjusters Rear eyelets have an outward kick to ensure your foot never comes in contact with them on hard landings.
  • Top loading foot strap allows for a super quick setup.
  • Standardized M6 screw hardware fastens the chassis to the board in various duck positions.
  • 6" screw spacing to fit North kiteboards. Also expands to fit 6.5" spacing.
  • Optimized strap adjustment options ensure correct fit for all sizes, with comfortable foot positioning for a secure feel and use of toe bar.
  • Footpad canted inwards to encourage optimized weight distribution and knee alignment.
  • Split inner velcro straps ensure a custom fit on top of foot for all shapes, sizes and rider styles
  • Ramped toe bar with a good edge to get purchase on.
  • Forward sloping grip pattern prevents foot slipping out during high rotation tricks.



There are two touchpoints in kiteboarding, your control bar and your feet on the board. We wanted those touch points to be as soft as possible, with just the right amount of grip. Until now to get that grip you've also had to use quite a hard material, but we've developed a super-comfy rubberized EVA to give soft cushioning while maintaining grip underfoot. When it's wet the grip improves.



The actual strap is laminated to the soft conforming foam inner, so when it creates a 3D curve you won't have any bunching or creasing, and there's no inner stitching to rub on your foot.



If you use an industry standard soft foam material underfoot, when you land hard it's going to bottom out and bruise your heel. Instead, we've used a triple density foam built up in three layers: soft touch under your feet with a medium density frame to take most of the load, then for serious impact we've added a high-density layer which is over-molded together with the medium density.



We've stripped them back to what you need. Other brands offer changeable heel inserts, but these often end up as waste or landfill. We've included just one dual molded heel impact pad on the bottom side, optimized to absorb serious impact. All twin-tips feature retailer-friendly standardized M6 x 16 Hardware = one tool. To upgrade you don't need new hardware



2020 North Flex Footstraps

2020 North Flex Footstraps

2020 North Flex Footstraps

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