2020 Naish Hover SUP Foil Carbon Ultra Foilboard

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Expected release date is 30th Jun 2020

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2020 Naish Hover SUP Foil Carbon Ultra - NO FINS

Our #1 favorite wing foil board for Beginner to Intermediate riders.


Dedicated SUP foilers who want top performance in surf or downwind foiling


Deliver top level performance for SUP foiling in all forms


All new design for performance SUP-foiling and downwind-foiling


SUP Foiling has continued to grow and develop lightening fast. Through hours of testing and developing different shapes we are excited to introduce two new dedicated SUP Foilboards that are equally suited for both waves and downwind foiling.

We took several factors into consideration needed to achieve the best SUP foiling performance while still being accessible and stable.

These boards are ultra compact, at 5’7”, 6’0” and 6’5” respectively which reduces swing weight and achieves the best possible control of the foil.The beveled bottom design decreases the surface area in the water and creates less drag while taking off. There’s a distinct tail kick behind the track system which makes it easier to launch the foil and bring the board out of the water when applying pressure to the back foot. The bevels along the edges also aid in making the rail higher and allow for harder carving without catching a rail.

The concave deck adds stability and naturally guides your feet to the center of the board immediately when adjusting your stance and gives instant control of the foil. We’ve also added footstrap inserts for foilers who prefer to ride strapped for additional control and performance. (Footstraps not included)

The track system has been perfectly positioned underneath where the back foot lands when switching from parallel to surfing stance and is reinforced to limit the swing weight of the board.For the paddler who wants pure foil performance the Hover 95, 110 and 125 are leading the charge


  • Glass Matrix Outer Deck & Bottom =Increased impact strength & durability
  • Full PVC Sandwich Glass Matrix Deck & Rail =Lightweight, longitudinal stiffness
  • CNC Cut EPS Core =Absolute precision shaping
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA =Lightweight + ultimate grip + better durability over time

2020 Naish Hover SUP Foil Carbon Ultra Foilboard size chart

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