2020 Naish Fuselage - Jet and Kite

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2020 Naish Fuselage - Jet and Kite


With all things that fly, weight and aerodynamics are of paramount importance. The 2020 fuselage has been completely redesigned. While the front wing connection carries over,there’s a new heavy duty backwing connection, overall lighter weight, better hydrodynamic shape and increased torsional stiffness.The kite and surf foil use the same fuselage while the windsurf counterpart is longer, improving for-and-at riding stability regardless of speed.Made using aircraft grade aluminum, fuselages are CNC precision cut and 120 grit sandblasted before anodizing to ensure the absolute best finish possible.Wings connect with titanium M6 x 20 mm Torx screws which are less susceptible to corrosion and simplify connection using the same screws for front and back wing connection.When purchased as an accessory hardware is included with the fuselage.


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum =Stiffness + corrosion resistance + low weight
  • CNC Precision Cut
  • 120 Grit Sandblasted =Highest accuracy

(No screws included)

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