2020 Naish Aluminum Mast

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  • 65cm Mast
  • 75cm Mast
  • 85cm Mast
  • 95cm Mast
$155.00 - $180.00


2020 Naish Aluminum Mast


As the sport of foiling progresses so do our components. Four new sizes are introduced for 2020 that can be used in any sport. Focusing on performance, our masts are aircraft grade extruded aluminum that are 120 grit sandblasted before anodizing. After anodizing all masts are wet sanded using 600 grit to achieve the best possible surface structure and create an ultra smooth and clean release when foiling. Masts connect to both the board mount and fuselage with three M6 x 30 mm titanium Torx screws at each end. Titanium has advantages in weight and are less susceptible to corrosion. All masts are available as separate accessories without screws, available separately, to accommodate different skill levels and sports.


Aluminum =Stiffness + corrosion resistance + low weight

Interchangeable Board Mounts =Added versatility

(**No screws included**)

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