2020 Naish Abracadabra Foilboard Mount

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  • 2020 Naish Abracadabra Foilboard Mount
  • 2020 Naish Abracadabra Foilboard Mount
  • 2020 Naish Abracadabra Foiloard Mount
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2020 Naish Abracadabra Board Mount


The game changing Abracadabra plate has been re-engineered and is now tool-less to make connecting the foil to your board even faster and more convenient for 2020. The new screw design can be tightened by hand or by Torx driver. The bottom plate also now features a quad-concave design to accommodate boards with a limited amount of rocker or concave through the track attachment area. The plate system fits our aluminum mast range with both current and previous years with three M6 titaniumTorx screws. The horseshoe and mast attachment piece are also available as separate accessories and are also compatible with the 2019 Abracadabra plate as well. The Abracadabra system connects to the board are four stainless steel M6 x 30 mm Torxs crews with four stainless steel T-nuts provided.


  • (4) M6 Torx 30 mm Stainless Steel Plate Screws (Mount Plate to Board)
  • (4) M6 T-Nuts (Mount Plate to Board)
  • (3) M6 Torx 30 mm Mast Assembly Screws (Mount Plate to Mast)
  • (1) M6 Torx Set Screw + Tool-less Knob
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