2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

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  • 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard top
  • 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard bottom
  • 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard side
  • 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard fins
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 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard


137 x 41.5cm / 141 x 42.5cm

An entirely new board, the Commander, is the flagship of Eleveight's commitment to freestyle riding. Every inch of this ultra-durable construction is perfected to shred hard and pump out handle pass tricks. It also rules when it is ridden in storms for big airs. The combination of A-grade Paulownia wood and a layer of Triax Carbon Composite provides the stiffness and control to hold the edge no matter the load. Once released the flex catapults the rider out of the water with an enormous pop.

The elaborate Tri-channel design allows the rider to hit the water even without the included 30 mm G10 fins as they already offer plenty of grip. Its performance, though fierce, is easy to access, so popping this board comes naturally even for those who are just starting with freestyle tricks.

The Commander is shaped to rule any spot.

Performance Features

  • High-performance freestyle twin tip
  • 3D shaped Paulownia wood core for an outstanding flex pattern
  • Triax Carbon Composite for torsional stiffness and accessible performance
  • Medium to hard flex for direct board control
  • Carbon reinforcements for a harder reverse flex
  • Tri-channel tip design for ultimate grip
  • Glossy UV resistant top deck for long lasting durability
  • 30 mm G10 fins come included

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard rocker




  • Multi Stage Rocker
  • Incredible pop and grip
  • Great upwind performance and early planing

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard flex


  • Medium to hard flex for explosive pop
  • Optimized flex patterns for each size
  • Harder reverse flex for controlled landings
  • Reduced torsinal flex for direct board control

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard outline


  • Elliptic outline with rounded tips
  • Great carving ability
  • Dynamic ride design
  • 3D box rails for better grip and durability

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard bottom shape

Bottom Shape

  • Multi channel design with rail steps
  • Tri channel tip design for ultimate grip
  • Railsteps for better upwind ability
  • Torsion box with flat center



 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard construction


 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard specs

Riding Style

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard riding-style

 2020 Eleveight Kiteboard structure

Board Structure: E/8 Twintip

Eleveight boards are built with dedication, experience and highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for highest performance and lasting durability. All boards are made in Europe.

1 / CNC milled A-grade Paulownia wood core
Flex pattern optimized wood core

2 / Heavy duty block plywood inserts
Heavy duty block plywood inserts that allow you do choose between straps and boots. Inserts don't get stronger than this.

3 / UV resistant polyamide base
Abrasion resistance base for more durability.

4 / Triax Carbon Composite - TCC
Lightweight Triaxial fiberclass / carbon construction for better torsional stiffness and controlled pop.

5 / Carbon reinforcements
Extra strong Carbon stringer layer (330g).

6 / 3D-ABS rails
3D box rails deliver an outstanding grip and power transmission.

7 / G10 fins
High quality 30mm epoxy fins delivers the stiffness you need to always stay in control.

8 / Glossy UV resistant top deck
Protective lacquer finish for vibrant colours and long lasting good look.


Board Selector

 2020 Eleveight Kiteboard comparison chart

 2020 Eleveight Kiteboard designer Franz Schitzhofer


This stick is made to stomp it. The Commander elevates your skills and boosts your performance to the next level!
-Franz Schitzhofer, Austria


 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

 2020 Eleveight Commander Kiteboard

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