2019 Slingshot Sky Walker 5'10" Surf Foilboard

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2019 Slingshot Sky Walker 5'10" Surf Foilboard

Includes Board and All Mounting Hardware


  • Length: 5' 10"
  • Width: 21"
  • Thickness: 2.8"
  • Tail thickness: 2.3"
  • Volume: 51L

As an avid kite foiler and surfer, it was only a matter of time before the two were joined.  To say I was excited would be a vast understatement as I awaited the arrival of our first surf foils and boards. Today the stars finally aligned for me with the right gear and conditions on hand. With three to five foot surf in what could be best described as shifty peaks, I paddled out with my new Slingshot Skywalker 5'10 surfboard and Fsurf hydrofoil. Paddling felt normal for a wide fish type design that is similar to my go to surfboard.  With my coworker, Aaron hooting me on, taking off on my first wave went relatively routinely given the new craft I was riding.  I caught the wave and stood to my feet. With my board squarely on the water's surface I shifted my weight slightly and began to take flight.  The moment the board left the water you can really feel the power of the wave under you and the lack of drag in effect.  In other words, you accelerate as if you were being dragged by a sports car.  Once the speed is built the foil becomes stable and easy to ride milking every little bump for down the line speed.  My first ride resulted in a long 300 yard ride to chest deep water spanning three sandbars and multiple wave reforms.  Even on the best longboard day, making all three sandbars and connecting a ride across them is nearly impossible at this spot.  After making the long trek back up the beach and out the pier I caught a second, similar wave with more face to play with. Aaron and I shared the wave and carved around each other with two consecutive cutbacks in one of the best party waves I have ever experienced. Again with some pumping effort and bump finding I made my way into waist deep water after chasing a zipper on the inside and falling in whitewash.  After trying the standard Fsurf setup I decided to switch things up with the H4 pump front wing.  I caught a smaller insider with the setup and found it a little slower than the H2 but slightly more stable. Not the perfect choice for this small day but I could see the H4 being a perfect wing for larger slow moving waves when you do not need the speed to carry you across sections. When this spot gets larger I could see the H4 wing being ideal. Few things live up to the hype in today's age, I can honestly say the Slingshot Fsurf setup far exceeded my expectations and that I cannot wait until our next junky surf day :)

Let's Chat: Learning How to Hydrofoil Surf

So you want to learn to hydrofoil surf? Congratulations! We too have caught the foil bug for all of our board sports. Surf foiling is truly a one of a kind experience that makes even the most marginal days into magical sessions. Aside from the silent, smooth, and effortless glide, surf hydrofoils tap into the most powerful part of the wave just beneath the surface. Read more...

What Slingshot has to say about the 2019 Sky Walker

If you’re serious about foiling in the waves, a board designed specifically for the unique dynamics and forces of foiling will mean the difference between success and failure. Developed by Slingshot’s Hawaii Surf Division, the Skywalker offers a BLOCK TAIL design. The board paddles fast, and is specifically designed to enhance early take off. The wave literally can push you onto the foil. The concave deck provides stability and control when paddling. The Sky Walker has reinforced key locations to handle the unique forces foiling has on your board, which is important if you want to avoid donating your expensive foil to the bottom of the ocean. The Sky Walker balances the strength and durability needed to accommodate a foil, the volume and a block tail needed to paddle into marginal waves. Once you’re on foil, a concave deck provides control with subtle movement and a scooped nose helps you bounce off the water when touching down. The board is equipped with Slingshot’s signature track mounting system, which allows you to adjust the position of the foil for different rider preferences, conditions and performance needs.


  • Paddle-In surf foil board developed by Slingshot's Hawaii surf division
  • No more bad days: shred small and marginal swell
  • Wide, high-volume shape aids in catching small waves
  • Carbon reinforcements, bamboo finish provide durability
  • Fully reinforced board build specifically to handle the foils's forces and torque
  • Movable mounting track mount lets you fine-tune your mast position
  • 51L volume
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