2019 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard

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2019 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard

King of the foiling scene in your area? Well, you better have your iron throne to sit on - the Hypermiler is the ultimate foiling board in the Slingshot lineup. The 2019 Hypermiler, true to its name, is capable of traversing large distances whilst foiling. It’s called the ‘Hot Rod’ for a reason - full carbon, sleek shape, and tight edges to get the leanest possible out of your foil. Best yet, the deck is textured without a pad - much like a softer skateboard deck, this allows for fantastic grip all over the surface of the board. Travel at light speed on the Hypermiler and claim your crown.

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What Slingshot has to say about the Hypermiler

If you don’t jump with your foil, the Hypermiler will make you try. If you stay close to home, the Hypermiler will push you farther than you’ve ever been before. And if you already do all of these things, the Hypermiler will inspire you to do them better.

Taking the efficiency and freedom as far as possible, the Hypermiler is built for high speed, big air, long distances, and aggressive edging. This is a race-caliber board with super light all-carbon construction. To reduce weight and provide added grip, the top is texture coated (like a windsurf board) and can be ridden strapless, with two or three straps or with foot hooks. Aggressively beveled edges and a slender outline allow for maximum lean and upwind edging without the board touching down on the water. Slingshot’s signature sliding track system lets you adjust the position of the foil to fine-tune performance depending on rider ability and preference and the conditions.


  • A serious board for serious foilers
  • High-end all carbon construction
  • Strong, fast and super lightweight
  • Textured deck provides grip while reducing weight
  • Race-caliber design - great for distance and advanced freeriding
  • Sliding mount track lets you set your mast where you want it
  • Ride it strapless, with two or three straps or with foot hooks


Aggressive Chined Rails

Angled chined rails on board's bottom creates a separate edging surface when the board touches the water surface

Versatile Strap Configuration

Insert options give the ability to ride with 3, 2, 1, or no straps

Textured Deck

No EVA grip - increases traction and decreases weight

Bomber Slingshot Construction

Durable EPS construction prevents dings, heel dents and board buckling

Concave Deck

Subtle concave deck provides comfort and response

Adjustable Track Mount

Learn easier and safer with different mounting positions

Slingshot Board Specs

Length Width Thickness Volume Board Wt. Fins
4'8" 18" 2" 24.5 L 7.75 lbs. 90 mm x 254 mm (9 cm x 25.4 cm)
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