2019 Neil Pryde Glide Windsurf Foil Set

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  • Neil Pryde Glide Wind Foil set
  • Neil Pryde Glide Wind Foil set
  • Neil Pryde Glide Wind Foil set
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2019 Neil Pryde Glide Wind Foil Set

We had high hopes for this foil and NP delivered.  New to the market for 2019, the Neil Pryde Glide Surf foil is an excellent design which provides a generous blend of value, versatility, performance, and durability.  It's wing design is simple, yet effective which provides a stable platform with excellent lift for its size.  At under 10 pounds, the Glide foil has an excellent weight to size ratio, brilliant design, and a plethora of affordable wing options to hone your foil to whatever condition you may encounter.  With the ability to shim the stabilizer (rear) wing, each wing also has it's own micro adjustment to meet any rider's needs. The Foil comes packed in a nice foam cutout that can be re-used for protection as well as shipping or travel time and time again.  The additional mast sizes make this foil adaptable to more experienced riders as well as kiteboarders, wakefoilers, and windsurfers. The Torx bolts with single tool operation for the entire foil brings ease of use and longevity to the assembly process and is a welcome touch of quality to an already excellent system. 

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What Neil Pryde has to say about the Neil Pryde Glide Wind Foil Set

The Glide Wind is our friendly, easy cruising and carving foil. Also suitable for waveriding in small waves and freestyle. With an early take-off it flies at low speed, allowing first time foilers to feel safe and comfortable. This all-round foil focuses on extreme stability, early flying and surprisingly even allows you to zig-zag around while foiling.

Ever dreamed about foiling but felt that it might be too dangerous or difficult GLIDE WIND is the perfect tool to get into foiling. It is designed with round edges on the wings for safety and engineered so that the lowest possible speed is required for take-off. We recommend using small sail sizes and any bigger freemove, wave or freestyle board as well as medium size freeride and freerace boards.

The Glide Wind front wing shape prevents catapults and softens landings. Ideal for early foil stages from schools to clubs. GLIDE WIND is the foil that will finally let you experience the amazing sensation of foiling and see why it is the latest craze in watersports around the globe.

Our innovative Powerbox system, the Aluminium mast and perfectly blended fuselage offer the best connection to most windsurf boards. Specifically designed to work on narrower boards (from freestyle-wave 100L to large freeride boards). We actually chose this board combination when testing and developing.

Neil Prydes Glide Wind creates foilers. This foil is easy and, most importantly, SAFE.

Neil Pryde Glide Surf foil wing dimensions for wingspan, surface area, and aspect ratio.


  • Mast: 70cm (60cm and 80cm available seperatly)
  • Front wing span, Small: 64cm
  • Tail wing span, Large: 51cm
  • Tail wing span, Small: 40cm
  • Base: Top Plate
  • Construction: Aluminum / Pre-preg carbon layout with inner foam


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