2019 Duotone Team Series Kiteboard

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2019 Duotone Team Series Kiteboard

What Duotone has to say about the 2019 Team Series

An incredible freestyle board with competition riding embedded into its very core, high performance with no compromises, making it the right board for the GKA Air Games!

The Team Series was built with one thing in mind, allowing our freestyle riders to perform at the highest level of competition riding. If you are looking for a supreme board to take your kitesurfing to the next level and to keep you in the hunt for podiums, this is it. Featuring a Biax Carbon construction, which harnesses energy in the core of the board ready for explosive pop and deeper channels to give the board a locked in feel. The stiff flex ensures you get aggressively launched into your moves giving you maximum airtime. To make sure you stick those landings and make every move count towards your score, the Team Series features a very stiff center flex to ensure reverse flex is kept to a minimum. This means when you come in hard and fast the board retains its shape and rocker giving you unrivaled control. To keep things comfortable, the tips feature a softer flex keeping the board comfortable in all water states, after all in a competition, you can never dictate the conditions for your heat. Join the winning team with the Duotone Team Series and get ready for unrivaled freestyle performance!

Features and Benefits

  • Explosive Pop - Explosive pop due to the robust biax carbon, perfect for wakestyle, freestyle, and park riding.
  • Minimum Reverse Flex - The minimum reverse flex ensures landings with absolute control, without bending in negative direction.
  • Steep Double Concave Wide Channel - The guarantee for massive pop and absolute controlled landings. The step double concave wide channel is able to deliver massive grip - with or without fins.
  • Hard Flex - The most aggressive flex and an incredible pop. Hard flex generates dynamic power development when jumping and more stiffness for better control on hard landings.
  • Deep Channels - Deep channels to ensure grip and control, even without fins.
  • Premium Performance Construction - Features a carbon beam, where parts of the glass fibre are being replaced by unidirectional carbon beams to noticeably improve the board's performance. 


Steep Double Concave Wide Channel

The Step Double Concave is the reason the Team Series is able to deliver massive grip – with or without fins, to meet the expectations of team riders competing in the World Tour, as well as ambitious freestylers. The deep concaves provide massive grip and pop.

Absorption Flex Tips

Based on a unique new construction of the board in the tip area, the scoop rocker line ensures better response to changing situations. In under-powered riding, the board remains flat for fast planing. In overpowered riding, the scoop bends and provides for an increased level of control and stability. The flex tips absorb shocks and enable soft landings.

Torsion Flex

The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by Duotone.

Premium Performance Construction

The most sophisticated construction in the line is developed especially for the TS Hadlow and the Team Series boards. It’s the most durable construction in the line, showing the peak of board development. A 45 degrees bi carbon layer under the foot pad area ensures a very smooth but comfortable flex and also provides the board with maximum durability. This construction is developed for competition oriented riders by the best riders of the world, focusing on massive grip and pop – even without fins!

Hard Flex

The Hard Flex option features the most aggressive flex and pop in our range. Boards with Hard Flex have more dynamic power development when jumping, more stiffness for better control on ultra-hard landings and a unique pop to always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Board Dimensions

Size Rider Weight Fin Set
134 x 41 cm 55 - 70 kg S-Bend WK 3.5 Carbon 30
138 x 42 cm 65 - 85 kg S-Bend WK 3.5 Carbon 30
142 x 43 cm > 80 kg S-Bend WK 3.5 Carbon 30
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