2019 Cabrinha Fireball Spreader Bar (For Use w/ Fireball)

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2019 Cabrinha Fireball Spreader Bar

Required for use with the Cabrinha Fireball attachment system. The Fireball spreader bar is compatible with virtually all the major harness brands. It fits webbing sizes up to 4cm in the main connection, and it also has tie-down lower strap connectors, to keep the bar extra secure. It has an easy release, that allows you to quickly and easily attach your harness. Fireball’s easy release system engages from the top of the spreader bar, so there’s nothing in the way of a clean connection. Never before has there been such a completely integrated connection in kitesurfing  

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What Cabrinha has to say about the Fireball System


Anatomy of Fireball




One of the most unique things about Fireball is its intelligent locking gate. Unlike a loop and security pin system, the locking gate is positioned on the spreader bar. This means that it is available anytime you need it. It can be locked and unlocked on the fly.

The secure gate design automatically seats itself into position and provides a friction free method to keep Fireball engaged into the socket.


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