2018 Slingshot Compstick Sentinel Control Bar

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2018 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar w/ Sentinel

Coming back for the 2018 season, the Slingshot Sentinel bar is USA-made to satiate your deepest patriotic desires. Designed for simplicity, functionality, and performance, Slingshot caters to riders who are looking to ride hard and ride often. With great depower capability and an easy-to-use safety release system, the compstick has been a kiter favorite for years now. The Sentinel utilizes an above-the-bar trim system, a departure from previous years’ Compsticks. This has been well received by the Slingshot kiting community, as many riders have long been waiting for a trim system that they deem more accessible than the below-the-bar version.

What Slingshot has to say about the 2018 Sentinel Control Bar

Our Sentinel system is designed for riders who like the Compstick’s simplistic and rugged design but prefer an above-the-bar location of the depower rope. The Sentinel features an adjustable trim cleat above the bar, a swiveling safety mechanism below the bar and all the other features that have made the Compstick Sentinel the trusted choice for riders around the world, year after year. For 2018, we’ve given the Compstick a fresh new visual presence and have carried over improvements to the floats, grips, redesigned bar ends and safety leash that were implemented in 2016.

You’ll love the Compstick Sentinel if you want ultimate control and confidence, the Compstick’s intuitive and streamlined above-the-bar depower and safety is unrivaled by any other bar on the market.

Compstick Bar Sizing

17" x 20m - Kite sizes 4-8 meters

20" x 20m w/ 3m extensions - Unviersal size for kites 4-17 meters

23" x 27m - Kite sizes 14-17 meters

Control Bar Options

talon2.pngSlingshot Talon Chicken Loop Replacement

If you’re a dedicated surfer/freerider and you aren’t looking to unhook, the new Talon is the perfect addition to your Slingshot bar. The chicken loop is quickly and easily replaced with the Talon system to bring the bar closer to your chest and allow more fluid motion between the bar and your harness system.


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1 Review

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    Simple is usually reliable.

    Posted by Jason on 14th Sep 2017

    I love this bar, here's why: 1) Connector pigtails! a. Allows the bar to work with either kite configuration quickly. b. Standard fronts (knots) have 3 knots! If your front lines stretch unequally, you can correct it by moving to the next knot on the long side. c. Makes it easy and quick to add / remove line extensions. 2) Huge depower trim! More than enough to make this bar work with any equal line length kite. I think this bar allowed me to fly my Cabrinha 12m Switchblade trimmed correctly for the first time. Most effective and useable depower trim I've ever owned. 3) Adjustable depower trim position / bar stop. These 2 things need to move together. You need to be able to reach the depower trim cleat. You need to be able to reach the bar when it's at the end of travel. They should be (and are) in the same place on this bar. Winner, winner. 4) Oh shit handles. Had a sketchy self-launch location this weekend (point Betsie). Let the bar out, grabbed a handle and pulled “ kite up. No lines around my hands or fingers, which I hate especially when I'm in a place where I'm focused on the kite not the bar. I love that these mean the bar is the bar, the lines are the lines at no point are they one and the same. 5) Everything is open, simple and visible. Its super easy to set up, check for fouling, fly, and put away. 6) The front line swivel is semi-automatic, and simple to use if you need to unwind manually.

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