2018 Ride Engine Silver Carbon Elite Harness

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  • 2018 Ride Engine Silver Carbon Elite Harness
  • 2018 Ride Engine Silver Carbon Elite Harness
  • 2018 Ride Engine Silver Carbon Elite Harness
  • 2018 Ride Engine Silver Carbon Elite Harness
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2018 Ride Engine Silver Carbon Elite Harness

Size Guide  |  Spreader Options

Disclaimer: 2018 Ride Engine harnesses do NOT come with a spreader bar. To receive a spreader bar, please use the drop down option to choose the proper bar. Have questions? Call us at 800-622-4655.

The Ride Engine Elite series is the ultimate in comfort, support, and performance. Constructed with a double dose of carbon fiber and kevlar, the Elite series is stiff, light, and responsive. The increased stiffness not only keeps the load evenly distributed throughout the harness, but further locks the lumbar section in place giving you the ultimate connection to your kite! This year, Ride Engine has added an additional layer of padding in the waist belt for a better connection between you and the spreader bar. Ride Engine is a harness for the people, with the people's comfort first.

Ride Engine harnesses are intended to be used with Ride Engine spreader bars. Any modification, pairing with non-Ride Engine components or spreader bars or use outside of the product’s intended purpose is not recommended, many not be safe and will void the product’s warranty.

What Ride Engine has to say about the Silver Carbon Elite

Premium materials and premium comfort blend in the Elite Series. The Kevlar/carbon construction of the Elite Series results in a super stiff, strong and durable harness that can’t really be compared to anything else on the market. If you’re someone who likes the best of the best, the Elite is the way to go.

Ride Engine Technology

Fusion Foam

New and improved for 2018. Softer and more egonomic foam core conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold.

Speed Lock Closure System

Completely redesigned for 2018, the Speed Lock closure system now features dual-zone webbing and a metal clasp to replace the single strap and PU tubing of our previous versions. This design prevents loosening as you ride, allows for easier tightening on the fly and lets you synch the harness even tighter.

Armor Shell

Industry’s first hard shell harness, the Armor is light, strong and ergonomically contoured. Load is distribut-ed seamlessly from the spreader bar to the armor shell, preventing harness from buckling or pinching.

Precision Fit

Modeled from hundreds of custom body molds, the harness shell conforms to the contours of a rider’s back for a precision ergonomic fit.

Removable Handle Pass Leash

Harness comes with easily removable handle pass leash mount around the back for freestyle riders. Harness also has two front-mounted leash attachment points for use when handle pass leash is removed.

Lumbar Lock

Harness conforms to lumbar, back and sides to lock securely in place. Harness won’t slide from side to side or ride up.

Interchangeable Spreader Bars

Your harness. Your choice. Choose between the classic performance of our fixed hook spreader  bar or opt into the metal slider bar for the premium in hooked-in performance.

Ride Engine's Fit Guide

Waist (IN) 24 - 26 26 - 30 31 - 33 32 - 34 33 - 36 35 - 37 37 - 39 37 - 39 39 - 44
Waist (CM) 60 - 66 66 - 76 78 - 84 81 - 86 84 - 91 89 - 94 94 - 99 94 - 99 99 - 112
Harness X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Bar 8" 8" 10" 8" 10" 10" 12" 10" 12"

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Sizing Tips from Nathan

The 11 options of spreader bars ensure that every rider will have a perfect harness/bar interface. The sliding spreader, carbon sliding spreader, and hook spreader are all available in 6", 8", 10", and 12" models. If you are dropping a size, you may benefit from the 10" bar, whereas if you are staying with your normal size the 8" will provide a tighter fit for those medium body riders. Essentially this creates a half size. Personally I am a 31" waist, and usually ride a medium in Dakine, Mystic, Ion, Prolimit, and NP. For Engine harnesses I use a small harness with a 10" spreader. For freestyle I go with a hook spreader bar. while for wave riding or foilboarding I prefer the sliding spreader bar. No need for multiple harnesses, the bar change is easy and quick and in a couple minutes I am ready to ride in whatever style I would like. The hook is great for those who want to unhook, but where most riders will find their match is the sliding bar. Not only does it allow your hips to articulate and drive comfortably in the right direction, but the reduced leverage on the bar brings your bar closer to your body, provides a more secure connection, and kills spreader bar rib jab for good.

Spreader Bar Options

2018-re-metal-sliderbar-front.jpg2018 Ride Engine Metal Slider Spreader Bar

For surfing, freeriding and general hooked-in riding, the sliding rope spreader bar will literally change your kiteboarding experience. The sliding rope system allows you to rotate your body freely, independent of your kite position, which in turn allows you to keep your harness locked-in and low where it is meant to be.

2018 Ride Engine Fixed Hook Spreader Bar


For freestyle riders or those who want the ability to unhook, a standard fixed hook spreader bar is also available. It allows aggressive riders to hold down more kite, ride harder and move more freely than any other harness on the market.

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    2018 Ride engine elite carbon harness

    Posted by Scott E. on 18th Aug 2018

    I have the 2016 version carbon elite. The 2016 version was great for support but everything else sucked quality was crap and was kind of pissed off I paid so much for a shit designed harness. The hard shell out weighed all the shit quality and I kept using. I used a da kine. Harness before and my back would hurt Saturday just 40 minutes..I could ride hours with the hard shell. There was rib bruising when I first started using the ride engine 2016 model.so I bought a 2018 hoping for the best...ride engine addressed all the shit design of the 2016 and have made a great harness. It's extremely comfortable. There double straps, higher quality Velcro and elastic belt are all great I'm extremely happy. The only gripe would be that they still need to incorporate a 3 belt Velcro entry system like da kine. Other only request would be a carbon spreader bar offering. Outside of those 2 things the 2018 version is a great harness and would buy it again

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