2018 Line Tom Wallisch Shorty Skis

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  • 2018 Line Tom Wallisch Shorty Skis
  • 2018 Line Tom Wallisch Shorty Skis
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2018 Line Tom Wallisch Shorty Skis

Available in 147 cm size

What Line has to say about the 2018 Tom Wallisch Shorty

Designed to handle the pressure of high consequence urban rails, massive park jumps, and everything in between, the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro Skis pack as much of Tom Wallisch’s personality as physically possible. With Fatty™ Base and Edge, Capwall Construction, and a sturdy flex, the Tom Wallisch Pro is built to withstand all the abuse you could throw its way. If you're looking for the most durable high-performance ski that still feels lively, the TW Pro is the ski for you.

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Line Technology

4D Fibercap

4 directions of fiberglass are woven across the top of the core or durability without unnecessary weight.

Aspsen Macroblock

100% Aspen for the lightest, most nimble feel.

Early Rise

The rise of the tip and tail begin earlier as the ski profile moves away from center making for easier turn initiation and helps get the skis up on a plane more quickly. This also means effortless float in softer snow!

Fatty Base and Edge

30% thicker base & edge, 2mm wide x 2.5mm high edge and 1.7mm thick base dramatically increases durability and tuning life of these skis.

Symmetrical Flex

The same flex pattern in front and behind your boot conforms to terrain equally riding forward & backwards.


 Not one, not two but FIVE different radii shapes are blended into the ski's overall side cut to give you that intuitive control & unlimited turn shape.

Line's Size Guide

Men's Ski Size Chart
   Skier Weight Skier Height Suggested Ski Lengths (cm)
lbs Ft/In Expert Intermediate
100+ 4'6"+ 134+ 124+
110+ 4'9"+ 146+ 136+
120+ 5'0"+ 159+ 149+
130+ 5'3"+ 166+ 156+
140+ 5'6"+ 170+ 160+
150+ 5'9"+ 177+ 167+
170+ 6'0"+ 184+ 174+
190+ 6'2"+ 191+ 181+
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