2018 Delta Surf Foil Set

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  • 2018 Delta Surf Foil Set
  • Delta Hydrofoil masts tuttle and plate connections
  • 2018 Delta Surf Foil Set
  • 2018 Delta Surf Foil Set
  • Delta hydrofoil surfboard
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2018 Delta Surf Foil Set

What Delta has to say about the Surf Foil Set

Available as tuttle mount.

We are excited to bring our cutting edge design and construction technology to the surf foil market. Our foils are designed for the lowest possible drag and best pumping efficiency while maintaining great turning and stability. We feel our surf foil are the best performing foils currently available. As with our kite foils, the construction is 100% carbon fiber. The wings are fabricated using a high density Core Cell foam core to minimize weight.

The wing, stabilizer, fuselage and strut disassemble for easy travel. The strut to board connection is a tuttle box system.
The surf foil has a 1250 sq cm (194 sq in) wing which is suitable for prone surf, SUP, or boat wake riding.


Delta Hydrofoils are made with the process of carbon fiber-closed molded construction provides the required strength and stiffness to achieve the highest performance. Our foils, wing and stabilizers are 100% carbon fiber, molded in a single one piece compression molded lamination.  Where require ultra high modulus carbon is used and provides extremely high stiffness.  Unidirectional fabrics are used extensively within the laminate. Delta Hydrofoil pride themselves in creating the best hydrofoils. The Best part that everything is made in the USA!

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