2018 Airush Switch Sonic Progression Kiteboard

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  • 2018 Airush Switch Sonic Progression Kiteboard
  • 2018 Airush Switch Sonic Progression Kiteboard
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2018 Airush Switch Sonic Progression Kiteboard

Comes complete with Straps & Pads

What Airush has to say about the 2018 Switch Sonic Progression

The Switch Sonic Progression gives the best combination of freeride fun in light wind conditions while maintaining the smooth and playful characteristics of a normal twintip. The Progression composite construction instills confidence for entry-level users with a robust construction perfected for those starting and a school environment.  Featuring the Airush Multi-zone Biotech construction, a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich, this multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material allowing for predictable responsive ride. The Progression range twin-tips feature an ABS rail to make sure that your board can handle impact through one’s progressing stages.


  • Multi-zone biotech core
  • ABS Rail
  • Updated Fiberfil Fins for 60% increase in strength
  • Supplied with 6 fins and extra fin hole plugs
  • 2.0 ABS Reinforced Inserts

Airush Technology

Shape & Outline

The Ultra-Flex tip shape found in the Switch & Switch Sonic ranges are designed to give the most forgiving and softest ride in our range. Orienting the thickness around the center of the board allows the tips to flex freely and reduce board vibrations in chop. The Center spine indicated in “A” allows the reduction in thickness and stiffness of the tips while maintaining a high level of stability underfoot.  This prevents the unwanted distortion often found in flexible freeride-focused boards. The subtle Venturi Concave is a bottom shape found in both our freeride and crossover freeride/freestyle boards. However, on these freeride boards, the depth of the single concave has been reduced to increase planning ability while allowing a user-friendlier ride. Our freeride-oriented outline found in the Switch and Diamond boards are designed with more curve along the rail with a greater tip to width ratio. This means the tips are narrower in relation to the central width. This curved outline allows for smooth carving, easy rail-to-rail transitions and increased ability to direct the nose upwind making upwind riding effortless.

Low Lightwind Rocker Line

This rocker is our flattest rocker specifically designed for lightwind riding. Making sure the board starts planning in incredibly light wind. This rocker results in reduced drag between the boards’ base and the water surface.


Every board’s flex is measured to create the ultimate progression thorough the range to make sure each board is an outstanding performer in it’s respective discipline. Each board is Supported 5cm from the tip, this allows for a realistic recording through the sizes avoiding the often-made mistake of supporting between the fin holes. We then exert 30kilograms of force through the center of the board. This creates the board to deflect. This measurement allows the fine-tuning of the boards lay-up to optimize performance. Airush introduced FMS rating 7 years ago as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes, instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness. FMS takes into account the boards length and deflection. Lower ratings indicate a softer boards more suited to freeride, While a higher rating indicates a stiffer board; these are more suited to more aggressive free-ride style of riding.

Model FMS Rating
Switch Sonic Progression 5.5
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