2018 Airush Diamond Team Kiteboard

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2018 Airush Diamond Team Kiteboard

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What Airush has to say about the 2018 Diamond Team

The Diamond Team expands the women’s board collection offering with wakestyle performance in mind.  Taking Bruna Kajiya to her 2nd World Champion title, Airush decided to release this board to elevate female riding. With over a year of development, the Diamond Pro takes a lot of the components of the hardcore Livewire into a design specifically for lighter riders with narrower outlines, stance, and a softer flex pattern. Featuring a full carbon deck combined with our ground breaking new Nano Rod Technology, the Diamond Team gives female riders the benefits of perfect torsional responsiveness. The Diamond Team is an industry leader as the only female board on the market with a .4mm HD Grindrite sintered grind base for insane durability whether it be at the beach or at the cable park.


  • Multi-zone biotech core
  • Carbon tape torsion control
  • Ventrui concave
  • 2.0 ABS Reinforced inserts
  • Updated Fiberfil Fins for 60% increase in strength
  • Matte PBT Base for improved scratch resistance

Airush Technology

Shape & Outline

The Livewire range and the Diamond Team board feature our stiffest flex pattern. This is created by having the core thickness run throughout the boards’ 3D shape from tip to tip and across the entire center. This thickness orientation creates the most aggressive freestyle board with maximum pop, high-powered control and traction when loading for advanced freestyle tricks. The stiffness pattern combined with the Tri Rocker Channel Tips, creates a ride built for boot riding to give the most control over the complex advanced bottom shape. This shaping and stiffness makes this board a freestyle/wakestyle machine built for the best riders in the world. The intermediate tip to width ratio sits in between the Apex and the Switch outlines. The slightly pulled in tips on the Livewire allow for more controlled pop when transitioning into complex rotations. The slightly narrow tips also allow for ease of landing complex powered tricks allowing the rider to correct and ride away from incorrect technical movements with ease.

Freestyle/Wakestyle High Rocker

This is our highest rocker line in our range.  Designed to soften landings and create extra pop for huge powered maneuvers while creating ultimate control when riding with boots and in overpowered conditions.


Every board’s flex is measured to create the ultimate progression thorough the range to make sure each board is an outstanding performer in it’s respective discipline. Each board is Supported 5cm from the tip, this allows for a realistic recording through the sizes avoiding the often-made mistake of supporting between the fin holes. We then exert 30kilograms of force through the center of the board. This creates the board to deflect. This measurement allows the fine-tuning of the boards lay-up to optimize performance. Airush introduced FMS rating 7 years ago as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes, instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness. FMS takes into account the boards length and deflection. Lower ratings indicate a softer boards more suited to freeride, While a higher rating indicates a stiffer board; these are more suited to more aggressive free-ride style of riding.

Model FMS Rating
Diamond Team 6

Airush Binding Options

progression-aft-straps-89958.1476205013.1280.1280.png2017 Airush AFT Progression Strap

Developed specifically to meet the demands of school and entry level riders, the AFT fits a full range of foot sizes, with a simple velcro closure that can easily be adjusted with one hand. The 3D molded foot bed contours to the rider’s foot and offers a high level of comfort, while the groove orientation keeps the foot stable on the pad.

aft-large-straps-83763.1476204980.1280.1280.png2017 Airush AFT Large Strap

The AFT Large features a size base plate and foot bed for minimum weight and maximum comfort. The symmetrical adjustment and floating tongue with dual velcro adjustments keep your feet secure while the compact base plate has an ergonomic heel hold for maximum stability. 

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