2018 Airush Apex Team Kiteboard

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2018 Airush Apex Team Kiteboard

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What Airush has to say about the 2018 Apex Team

The Apex Team is our premium freeride/freestyle crossover board. Coming from the same roots as the Apex, the Apex Team combines the traditional construction and shape with our high performance carbon fiber torsion flex technologies. Not only is this board built with a full carbon construction, it also features our Nano Rod Technology – the biggest innovation in twin-tips since the wood-core. The Airush Nano Rod tech utilizes 3mm diameter carbon rods embedded through the paulownia wood core in an arc formation. This allows the board to have amazing torsional response and strength without the need to change core thickness or add excessive layers of composite. The Apex Team is our lightweight high response all-round freeride/freestyle machine.


  • Multi-zone biotech core
  • Full carbon torsion control
  • Ventrui concave
  • 2.0 ABS Reinforced inserts
  • Nano Rod Tech
  • All new extra reinforced bi-axial carbon construction

Airush Technology

Shape & Outline

The Independent Flex Tip shape is designed for a more progressive style of riding bridging the gap between freeride and freestyle featured in our Apex and Diamond range.  The core thickness is oriented from the center to the tips while leaving the tip center and the rail thin and more flexible. This increases the boards pop compared to the more freeride shapes, creating a more aggressive style of riding while allowing enough flex in between the fins to increase maneuverability control and soften landings on more progressive tricks. The stiffer flex pattern from tip-to-tip, combined with the deep Venturi Concave gives the board incredible directional stability with both footstraps and bindings but allows more user-friendly freedom than the tri-channel bottoms of the aggressive freestyle Livewire. The Wide Planform outline featured in the Apex range means the board is ridden wider for its length. This extra tip width enhances upwind performance and overall control with a additional pop to assist with the progression of more powered advanced riding.

Freeride/Freestyle Crossover Rocker

This rocker creates the perfect performance between freestyle and hardcore freestyle. The rocker line is designed to be ridden with both footstraps and bindings to cater for all riders. Both pushing the limits in big air or more wake oriented tricks.


Every board’s flex is measured to create the ultimate progression thorough the range to make sure each board is an outstanding performer in it’s respective discipline. Each board is Supported 5cm from the tip, this allows for a realistic recording through the sizes avoiding the often-made mistake of supporting between the fin holes. We then exert 30kilograms of force through the center of the board. This creates the board to deflect. This measurement allows the fine-tuning of the boards lay-up to optimize performance. Airush introduced FMS rating 7 years ago as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes, instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness. FMS takes into account the boards length and deflection. Lower ratings indicate a softer boards more suited to freeride, While a higher rating indicates a stiffer board; these are more suited to more aggressive free-ride style of riding.

Model FMS Rating
Apex Team 7.5

Airush Binding Options

progression-aft-straps-89958.1476205013.1280.1280.png2017 Airush AFT Progression Strap

Developed specifically to meet the demands of school and entry level riders, the AFT fits a full range of foot sizes, with a simple velcro closure that can easily be adjusted with one hand. The 3D molded foot bed contours to the rider’s foot and offers a high level of comfort, while the groove orientation keeps the foot stable on the pad.

aft-large-straps-83763.1476204980.1280.1280.png2017 Airush AFT Large Strap

The AFT Large features a size base plate and foot bed for minimum weight and maximum comfort. The symmetrical adjustment and floating tongue with dual velcro adjustments keep your feet secure while the compact base plate has an ergonomic heel hold for maximum stability. 

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