$799 - 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kite

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  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2017 Slingshot Turbine Kiteboarding Kite
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2017 Slingshot Turbine Kitesurfing Kite

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Please Note: Kite color availability is subject to change. If you have a color preference, please contact us at 800-622-4655 to verify color availability.

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17m $1799 $799 55% off

This year, Slingshot's taken it up a notch with the Turbine. Introducing a new line of sizes, the Turbine is unleashing this high-aspect, high-efficiency kite to the masses. When it comes to sizing, Slingshot suggests kiting down at least one size from your normal riding size. The larger sizes are going to be ideal for newer riders and light winds. The 11- and 13-meters are going to be perfect for aggressive riding, lofty airs, and spicy riding. The smaller sizes are going to be perfect for advanced riders looking to have massive air and aggressive, high-end freeriding performance. 

What Slingshot has to say about the 2017 Turbine

 The Turbine has proven to be one of the best light-wind kites ever made. For 2017, Slingshot is unleashing this high-aspect, high-efficiency machine in a full range of sizes. All the same qualities that make the Turbine such a great light wind kite translate to an aggressive, high-power, high-performance weapon as you go down in size and up in wind speed. 

15, 17, 19 meter: The proven light wind kite of choice for riders of all abilities. The Turbine’s high-aspect, high-efficiency profile gets you out and riding when others watch from the shore hoping for the wind to pick up. 
11, 13 meter: Perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who want a massive dose of spice on those moderate-wind days, or as a full light-wind kite for smaller riders. This range yields long, lofty airs, aggressive upwind angles and more power than any kite of the same size.
5, 7, 9 meter: Massive air, lofty hangtime and aggressive, high-power freeride performance. Described as “a Rally on steroids”, this size range is perfect for experienced riders who are ready to take their riding to the next level, and for foilers looking for competition-level performance out of a small kite. 

Video Overview

Slingshot Technology

Turbine bridle

The Turbine features a five-point cascading bridle and optimized leading edge and strut design. This configuration is engineered to give the Turbine stability and structure across a huge range of available sizes and provide easy relaunch in all wind conditions.

Split Strut

Invented by Slingshot and adopted as the industry gold standard in canopy construction, Split Strut design integrates the kite’s struts into the structure of the canopy. This results a stronger, more stable and more durable canopy. SplitStrut enhances power under heavy load and creates superior efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame.


Slingshot patented the One-Pump system years ago, and today the innovation can be found on almost every kite on the market. The One Pump Speed System makes inflating your kite quick and easy; simply attach your hose and pump your entire kite from one convenient valve. Deflating is just as easy. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever had to inflate and deflate your leading edge and all your struts individually, you know how nice it really is.

Tri-Tech protection
Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth and Neoprene scuff guards are strategically placed to protect vulnerable areas of the kite from scratches, punctures wear and tear. 
Surf Tough tech 
Strategic panel layout, superior canopy materials and precision engineered seams and stitching result in kites that can take proper beatings without issue. Slingshot’s unique panel layout not only adds strength and canopy structure, it also helps contain the damage to your kite in the event that it does tear or get punctured. 
Dimension Polyant 175 Dacron
DP175 is a premium canopy material used solely by Slingshot in the kiteboarding industry. This high-strength, high tenacity material is resistant to bias stretch and retains its structure exceptionally well, which is why we utilize it for every high performance kite we build. Where other brands have cut corners and selected lesser materials to reduce costs, Slingshot has remained committed to quality. 
Bayer Material Science Polyurethane Bladders
Slingshot bladders are made in the USA to precision specs using high-quality polyurethane.

Wind Range*

Kite Size Windrange (KN) Bar Size
5 M 22 - 35+ 17" or 20"
7 M 17 - 30 17" or 20"
9 M 13 - 26 20"
11 M 10 - 22 20"
13 M 8 - 19 20" or 23"
15 M 9 - 17 20" or 23"
17 M 8 - 15 20" or 23"
19 M 9 - 13 20" or 23"

*Based on 175 lbs - 80 kg rider

Slingshot Performance Profile*

Upwind Ability                    
Foil Performance                    
Powered Loops                    
Low-End Power                    
Downwind Drift                    
Unhooked Pop                    
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

*Copyright Slingshot

2017 Slingshot Control Bar Options

2017 Slingshot Compstick Guardian Control Bar

2017 Slingshot Compstick Guardian Control Bar

The Slingshot Compstick bar with the Guardian system sets the industry standard for simplicity and effectiveness. The "everything you need and nothing you don't" mentality of Slingshot is personified in this beautiful piece of kite-controlling artwork. 

17" x 20m - Kite sizes 4-8 meters

20" x 20m + 3m extensions - Unviersal size for kites 4-17 meters

23" x 27m - Kite sizes 14-17 meters

2017 Slingshot Compstick Sentinel Control Bar

2017 Slingshot Compstick Compstick Control Bar

The Slingshot Compstick bar with the Sentinel system features everything you enjoyed about the classic Compstick, with an above-the-bar depower system. Don't be confused by the synonymous names - the two Slingshot bar offerings are clearly differentiated by the location of the depower system and an updated safety release system. If you enjoy more of an "out of the way" setup, the Sentinel is the bar for you.

Control bar sizes are consistent with the above chart. 


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2 Reviews

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    Slingshot Turbine 17 meter

    Posted by Dave C on 4th Nov 2019

    Had the Turbine for almost 2 years now and liking it pretty good. Took some getting used to as my first 17 meter. Rented a Ozone Zephyr years ago and the Turbine seemed much scarier ( LOTS of power if wind picks up ). Have to respect it and have a lot of de-power possibility (Slingshot Sentinel is good for this). I weight 220lb so in the 10-15 mph that is often all you'll get here in North Florida, without my big Turbine, I would be watching from the beach.

  • 5
    Just what the doctor ordered

    Posted by Evan J. on 18th Jul 2018

    I have been using the 17 turbine for years and recently bought the 19 for tandem rides and powered regular riding in 10 knots and less.
    The main thing with the Turbine for me is that it is just plain bigger than brand x, size for size. Im pretty sure you cannot find a bigger LEI kite. The 17 is hella bigger than other brands 17's. So if power is what you are after, you got it!

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