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  • WMFG 2.0T Kiteboard Pump
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  • WMFG 2.0T Kiteboard Pump
  • WMFG 2.0T Kiteboard Pump Hose
  • WMFG 2.0T Kiteboard Pump
  • WMFG 2.0T Kiteboard Pump Nozzles

WMFG Kiteboard Pump 2.0T

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Product Description

WMFG Kiteboard Pump 2.0T

WMFG. Manufacturing by and for watermen everywhere. Looking for a great pump that’ll fit your whole kite quiver? Look no further, for the WMFG pump system has come to save the day. Durability, sleek design, easily replaceable parts, a full kit of pump adapters, and brand neutrality ensure that you’re the coolest cat on the beach when you’re pumping up and never in need of bumming a pump off of the other guys who just want to get out on the water. Even if you have a pump, it never ever hurts to have a spare, especially one designed with this much durability and efficiency in mind. Snag yours today, and then get one for a buddy to get free shipping.

The pump, often overlooked, is the most important tool to you as a kiteboarder. Without it, there will be no massive jumps, waves slashed, islands cruised, or tricks checked off your list. Your kite will just sit on the beach, a sad statement to what could have been. With advances in nearly every other avenue of kiteboarding, why haven't we seen any upgrade to our standard pump? The WMFG pump is the answer to this question that keeps us up at night. 

New for 2016, the WMFG 1.0T (which stands for "Tall") is the best of the best. This fine piece of equipment will have you wanting to pump up the everyone's kite on the beach - it's simply become a pleasure to inflate kites with the 1.0T. With a slightly taller profile and larger volume, you'll no longer have that ever-so terrible bend in your knees and be able to easily cycle your pump. Features like a sand filter, beefed up hose, a custom leash attachment, and every connection for every kite make this simply the best pump available - period.

What WMFG has to say about the 2.0T Kiteboard Pump

New and improved extra big, tall, high volume kiteboard pump takes all the fighting out of inflation. Easier, faster, better. Other features: newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved ergonomics and inflation speed. Single- to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure. Custom WMFG kite tether and hook, kite-tuned WMFG pressure gauge, integrated sand filter, premium high-flow and extra-durable hose with new threaded fitting, and the widest range of kite nozzles of any pump on the market make this the finest kiteboard pump ever produced. Compatible with every kite on the market. Not recommended for inflation higher than 13 PSI. SUP nozzle sold separately.

Height: 24"/61cm (Extra Tall)

Diameter: 10"/25.4cm

Capacity: 2.9L/Stroke