The Ultimate All-Around Boat Foilboarding Package

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The Ultimate All-Around Boat Foilboarding Package

Wakefoil WF2 / Futura FWake

  • Board and Mounting Hardware
  • Complete foil - 24" Mast, H2 front wing, 42cm rear wing, 610 fuselage, plate mount, Hardware, and wing covers
  • 4 pack Slingshot FCSII Quad fins
  • Straps or half straps Optional

2019 Slingshot WF2 Foilboard

This board includes fin boxes for FCS II or FCS fins but when purchased a la carte does NOT include fins.

The Slingshot Wakefoiler WF.2 board is a welcome addition to our wakefoil board lineup.  It has ample surface area for any rider to getup behind the boat while not being too large for performance maneuvers.  It also happens to fit in most wakeboard boat racks, which makes leaves plenty of room on the boat for your admirers or "human ballast".  For 2019, this is a new board and basically a soft top adaptation of the WF1 board that we love so much.  That nice soft top is perfect for new riders, easy maintenance, and boat protection.  

We have also found this board to be a popular choice for kiteboarders.  Due to it's thin design, it board starts in a way more similar to twin-tip designs that most kiteboarders are familiar with.  It also allows for easier strapless board starts since it sits lower in the water.  This board has enough plane-ability to get novice riders foiling and perform in light winds with ease.  The full length deck pad is also a nice touch for performing tricks in a variety of lift situations.

Board Dimensions: 4'10" x 20.5" x 1.45"

2018 Ride Engine Futura Foil (2019 FWake design)

Featured with the Gamma (H2) front wing which is now part of the 2019 Slingshot Fwake foil at a fraction of the price.  This complete foil gives you a forgiving foil for taking your first flights and dropping the rope as well as making wake transfers, riding second/ third wake back, as well as adventure into surf foiling.  Comes complete with a 24" mast to aid in your progression and safety.  The H2 wing has exceptional stability, speed range, and ease of use making it one of our most versatile wings. Feel free to add a wing to adapt to any riding style, wake height, or rider weight.

Let's Chat: Learning How to Hydrofoil Surf

So you want to learn to hydrofoil surf? Congratulations! We too have caught the foil bug for all of our board sports. Surf foiling is truly a one of a kind experience that makes even the most marginal days into magical sessions. Aside from the silent, smooth, and effortless glide, surf hydrofoils tap into the most powerful part of the wave just beneath the surface. Read more...

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