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Surfstyle Kites



Whether or not you're a Surfer, you can use the kite to experience riding waves or airing out of them. For Surfers, pickingup a kite will allow you to actually enjoy the blown-out wave days that are next to impossible to paddle into. Your wave count will go through the roof! For those that don't have any experience paddle surfing, kite-surfing will give you a very similar feeling to the traditional surf-style.

Surf kites have a few very important attributes; they have instant re-launch, bomb-proof construction, and the ability to "drift" down the line in the waves.  Kites with fast re-launching capabilities are key in the waves - if your kite goes down, it is very helpful to get it up before a set wave catches it. Every so often, the kite doesn't make it off the water in time and runs the spin cycle in head-high swell - waves aren't too gentle on kites. This is where the durability comes in! Another key feature to look for in wave kites is the ability to "slack-line drift", which helps you to remove nearly all power from the kite in order to properly surf the wave. If getting pitted in the surf sounds good to you, pick up a wave kite and check it out!