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Steven "Das Boots" Lee


Weight -175lbs

Riding Style - Wake

Dream Quiver -

  • System 2.0. Best 17mTS, Liquid Force 12m Envy.
  • LF 138cm DLX and Watson hybrid, Ronix

Favorite spot to ride - Muskegon flats
Favorite Quote - WWBD (What would Bobryk do)
Hopes for future - Get more sessions than Hoeksema

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves? Both
  2. Boots or straps? What are straps??
  3. Big board or big kite? Big kite for sure, no need for 2 boards
  4. Reef or Beach break? Beach
  5. Flat or Rockered out? Rockered, my knees hurt just thinking about a flat plank