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Stand Up Paddle Boards


Stand Up Paddleboarding is more than just a sport: it’s an expression of the simplicity of life. When you have a paddle in your hand and a board underneath your feet, life is more than just waking up every morning trying to make that bacon - it’s about freedom and watching yourself fuse your personality with the water’s. But, before you can head out to meet that big blue adventure, you need to find a board to satisfy your needs. The main question to ask yourself: What adventure are you looking for?

All-Around Stand Up Paddleboards

The All-Around Stand Up Paddleboards are great for any beginner or for those who are looking for some flat water cruising. The boards are typically ranging 10’6” to 12’ and have a width of 30 to 32” wide. These boards are able to enhance performance during chop and the small waves. Some fantastic brands for these All-Around Boards: BIC, JP Australia, and Amundson.

Surfing SUPs

Smaller in size (typically around 8’ to 10’ range), the surfing paddleboards are inspired by the qualities of original surfboards. These boards have a greater rocker, which is designed to help drive and turn the board during waves. The tail is the primary manpower, but fins are a close second. The fins are typically thruster or stabilizer fins to give better edge control. Surf’s up.

Racing SUPs

For the more experienced riders looking to up-the-ante on their game, racing SUPs are thin, small, and are able to cut through the water faster. To facilitate this action, racing SUPs are equipped with displacement hulls, which are typically much longer and narrower in order to reduce drag through more efficiently. Race boards are great for exercise addicts who are looking for long treks.

Touring SUPs

Great for flat water trips, touring SUPs are often high in volume, reduce drag, and give way for long cruises. There is a little bit of effort required to get the board up to speed, but it requires less energy to sustain the board. The maneuverability on the board is less due to its large size, but it is a fantastic option for those long cruises where a good yoga or tanning session is in order.

MACkite has a great selection of stand up paddleboards to fit your needs. If you're interested in starting into the sport on the right foot, we recommend one of our awesome lesson sessions; or, we can always answer your questions at (800)622-4655.