Slingshot Hypermiler LF Thruster Foilboarding package

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  • Slingshot Hypermiler Liquid Force Thruster foilboard package
  • 2018 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • 2018 Slingshot Hypermiler Foilboard
  • Liquid Force Thruster Foil
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Slingshot Hypermiler Liquid Force Thruster Foilboarding package


2018 Slingshot Hypermiler Foil Board

King of the foiling scene in your area? Well, you better have your Iron Throne to sit on - the Hypermiler is the ultimate foiling board in the Slingshot lineup. The Hypermiler, true to its name, is capable of traversing large distances whilst foiling, designed to go as far as you’d like. It’s called the ‘Hot Rod’ for a reason - full carbon, sleek shape, and tight edges to get the most lean possible out of your foil. Best yet, the deck is textured without a pad - much like a softer skateboard deck, this allows for fantastic grip all over the surface of the board. Travel at lightspeed on the Hypermiler and claim your crown.

Board Dimensions

 Length Width Thickness Volume Board Weight Track Mount Dimensions
 4'8" (142.24cm) 18" (45.7cm) 2" (5.1cm) 24.5L 7.75lbs (3.5kg) 90mm x 254mm (9cm x 25.4cm)


2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil Set

Foil does not come with protective bags

The Thruster Foil, LF’s addition to the wonderful world of kite River. If you are on the hunt for the epitome of high-class, high-falutin’, all-black no-nonsense foiling then the Thruster Foil is for you. The blunted wing design offers more range and stability whilst foiling to match and exceed your already high expectations from Liquid Force. Kite foiling has never seen such heights. The stability of this foil makes it a great option for beginner kite foil users, whereas its shape allows for progression into more experienced foil riding.

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What Liquid Force has to say about the 2018 Thruster Foil Set

New to the Lf Hydrofoil line up is the Thruster Foil. This complete foil kit utilizes the same proven alloy mast configuration that runs through LF's complete hydrofoil line. New in the configuration is the use of the HD alloy fuselage that creates a highly hydrodynamic connection with the wings.  The Thruster wing set has been developed in collaboration with Matt Wheeler, master hydrofoil expert and engineer in Hood River, Oregon USA.  This collaboration has brought to life a unique wing design that provides extended range and stability offering rapid lift and stability at speed.  if you are in search of the pinnacle of freeriding performance look no further.

LF's Thruster Foil Specifications


Where does this fit in the scheme of things?

Measurements for 2019 hydrofoil wings including surface area, wing span, and aspect ratio


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