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Slingshot Hydrofoil

Arguably the current market leader, Slingshot makes foils for kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, wakefoiling, and windsurfing. Their modular Hover Glide platform offers unlimited versatility with multiple wing options for each sport. Not the lightest foils we offer, but Slingshot has proven to be the most durable and long-lasting product on the market at this time.

Tucker talks foils with Slingshot's Tony Logosz

When was Slingshot founded?

Slingshot was originally founded in 1999. Started in '95 and officially launched in '99.

So going on 18 years-ish. Wow, that is basically the entire lifespan of kiteboarding. When did you start to see hydrofoils becoming part of the sports Slingshot represents? When did you start designing your own products for that purpose?

We were influenced by the original kite-skiing that started here in the Columbia Gorge area. Hydrofoiling has been around quite a long time and I dabbled at development for quite some time before taking it seriously. The Europeans were always pushing the sport as an underground thing.

I met Nic Leeson from Lift, the company, and he brought me back to being interested in building foils. In 2000, I designed the first Slingshot foil. Read more....

Aaron, the "New Foil Guy", on the Slingshot Foil Academy

Like with many of you, the kite foilboarding bug has bitten me as well. And as you may already know, the Slingshot "Foil Academy" is a great place to get started. Thanks to Alex Fox, and his team, the online tutorials are well thought out and easy to follow.

Slingshot Foil Academy

The Slingshot Hover Glide foil system is easy to assemble and disassemble. I was able to switch from the full-size mast to the 15" mast in just a few minutes. After assembling the foil and mounting it to my board, it was time to get wet.

Carrying a kite foilboard for the first time is a little awkward. Especially if you're used to riding a twin tip most of the time. Foilboards weigh more, and are a bit more cumbersome- there's no way around it. Read more....