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Ride Engine

Ride Engine wetsuits are new to the market and we are happy to be one of the first to have them in our lineup. You may have heard about the quality and fit of Ride Engine harnesses, I am here to tell you that their wetsuits are no different. The thought put into each stitch and material choice is evident just by looking at the suit, but really shines when you try one on and get into the water. The welded seams are tight and stretchy but not too large. The liner material is soft, warm, and drys quickly for multiple sessions per day. Simple, Effective, Durable. The only thing missing is flashy neon colors, but we are alright with that.

Here in the shop, we encourage wetsuit choices based on fit. These tend to run a little slim compared to others but often wins the "try it on" challenge due to its well-designed cut. We recommend if you are on the fence during sizing you go with the larger size. When you first try it on the suit should feel snug with no slack. Then when the super-stretch neoprene breaks in it will be a perfect fit for your body.

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