Pyzel Screaming Eagle 5'0" Surf Foilboard - Small ding

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  • Pyzel Screaming Eagle 5'0 Foil Surfboard
  • Pyzel Screaming Eagle 5'0 Foil Surfboard
  • Pyzel Screaming Eagle 5'0 Foil Surfboard
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Pyzel Screaming Eagle 5’0” x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 30.5L Foil Surfboard

Three small display rack spider crack dings on rail and base tail. *See photos

Teal deck with gray Rails and clear bottom

Legendary shaper Jon Pyzel has created one of the most fun and accessible foil-boards on the market.  With a versatile design and apt volume the Screaming eagle foilboard catches the smallest waves but also handles decent sized surf with ease.  Ride what John John Florence rides. Because, well... that will make you surf like him.

This one is on the smaller end of the spectrum and geared for smaller riders or experienced foilers.  Larger riders and beginners should check out a larger size.

What Pyzel Surfboards has to say about the Screaming Eagle Foil Surfboard

Our first hydrofoil surfboard. When the team asks for a foilboard, they get one.  This is the result of our team foil riders in collaboration with Jon to make our best design for any conditions.

  • XPS Epoxy construction - Super lightweight and durable
  • Fully reinforced board built specifically to handle the foils's forces and torque
  • Movable mounting track mount lets you fine-tune your mast position
  • 5’0” x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 30.5L 

Let's Chat: Learning How to Hydrofoil Surf

So you want to learn to hydrofoil surf? Congratulations! We too have caught the foil bug for all of our board sports. Surf foiling is truly a one of a kind experience that makes even the most marginal days into magical sessions. Aside from the silent, smooth, and effortless glide, surf hydrofoils tap into the most powerful part of the wave just beneath the surface. Read more...

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