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Welcome to Stand Up Paddle Surfing, also known as SUP! Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUPing) is the ultimate experience for people of all ages to enjoy almost any body of water. SUP is easy to learn and almost impossible to master. From a leisurely cruise around the lake to riding the waves, SUP allows you to get out on the water nearly every day of the year.

SUP is also one of the few sports that works almost every muscle in your body – from head to toe. Enjoy a relaxing ride during sunset along the shore, or endure an iron-man's workout in the waves... SUPing is a sport that you make your own.

Already know what you're doing and just want to ride? Our rental Stand Up Paddle Board fleet is ready to go!

Terminology: Surfing vs. Boarding: What's the difference?
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is typically viewed as flat water riding including cruising, racing or touring. This type of riding really calls for a specific board. This is the Naish Glide, a SUP board built to paddle with more efficiency, but less ability to handle waves.
Naish Glide Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is done in the waves. An example of a Surf Style board is the Naish Nalu; while this type of board is built for SUPing in the waves, it will also feel right at home on flat water.
Naish Nalu Stand Up Paddleboard

Buying gear
If you have questions on Stand Up Paddle boarding gear, we will teach you what to look for in the perfect board and paddle. When looking to purchase your own gear, have some information ready for us before you stop in to the MACkite Boardsports Center to make the buying process as simple as possible:

  • How much do you weigh? Will you be sharing the board?
  • Where do you live and what are the water conditions (i.e. waves, inland lake, river, etc.)?
  • If you have never tried SUP, do you have other water sport experience? (i.e. surf, windsurf, kayak, etc.)
  • What are you looking to get out of Stand Up Paddle boarding? (i.e. core fitness, relaxation, a fun activity for the kids, wave riding, etc.)