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Why Take Kiteboarding Lessons - Chasing the Dream: Vlog 12

Posted by Crystal Veness on

Kiteboarding is for kids. No, wait—your kids will be heading back to school soon, so that means kiteboarding lessons are for YOU, lucky one!

Seriously though—have you been watching and waiting for the right time to get into kiteboarding? Late summer and early fall conditions are awesome around here. Winds are better, water is warm, and the crowds have gone home.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and we’ll answer your questions and walk you through the lesson process. For those of you that don’t already know, kiteboarding really is quite a simple concept that nearly anyone can wrap their head around.

“Do I need to be in shape?” Nope—I eat pizza on the regular. “Does it require tons of upper body strength?” No, but you’ll gain that through kiteboarding. “Will it put a smile on your face?” Definitely. But be careful—you may decide to wild-out, ditch your career, and move to the islands!

Book your Lessons today!

Crystal Veness

Originally from Canada, she now calls the entire world her playground and simultaneously her workplace. Whether that's an impromptu office in the back of a rental car on top of a mountain or a hut on kite beach Cabarete, she is a true embodiment of the work-life balance movement.


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