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The 2018 North Neo—YES, Please!

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

The North Neo put a smile on my face the very first time I flew one a couple of seasons back. And it's only gotten better with time.

New for 2018, North incorporated what they call, "flex segments", into the leading edge of the kite. This allows the kite to have a more pivotal turning characteristic. I thought it was great before—now it's even better.

The low-end power is by far one of the best in the industry when compared, pound-for-pound, with other surf kites. You can definitely fly one size smaller than you normally would. For example, if you normally ride a 9m kite—grab a Neo 8m, and so on.

Typically, I wouldn't expect a kite with that much low-end power to be very good at getting back upwind. I think the Neo must have a little North Rebel in its DNA, because it jams upwind—no problem. Especially when paired with a directional shape like the North WAM or Pro WAM.

Turning, looping and drifting are on the menu with the 2018 North Neo. If you're a dedicated wave-chasing kitesurfer, I highly recommend ordering one up today!